Rise to the Moment of Truth Wednesday, April 24, 2024


COP28 Alabama News
Phil Williams: It's time for a COP-out

The United Nations' Climate Change Conference (COP) is a joke, but the COP is also serious. It is past time for the U.S. to instigate a COP-out.

Global Warming Alabama News
KCarl Smith: Debunking the climate change and energy crisis myths

Global warming, climate change and the energy crisis are a bundled deception. They stand as one of the most alarming fabrications since the Salem witch trials.

Climate Change Alabama News
KCarl Smith: Climate change hoax

To claim that scientists have proven beyond reasonable doubt that U.S. pollution is the cause of harmful manmade global warming or climate change is beyond absurd and is certainly not scientific.

Greta Alabama News
Phil Williams: Apocalypse averted

It seems there is always another apocalypse on the horizon. Do the climate doomsayers ever get it right?

Birmingham Mayor Woodfin Randall Alabama News
Woodfin blames flooding on climate change again as Birmingham awarded FEMA grant for drainage

Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin took to Twitter Friday morning to announce that Birmingham has been selected to receive a FEMA grant to improve the city’s drainage system. He attributed the city’s recent flooding to climate change.

Randall Woodfin Alabama News
Birmingham Mayor Woodfin blames city's flooding issues on climate change, racism

Flash flooding can be a big problem for metropolitan areas with poor drainage, but mayor Randall Woodfin believes climate change and systemic racism have made it a much worse issue for the city of Birmingham.

AP22272846330126 Alabama News
Alabama's climatologist says hurricane data shows different story, despite 'fear-mongering' climate change agenda

While politicians and the national media tie destruction caused by Hurricane Ian to climate change, Alabama's climatologist is uncovering the truth with real data.

Forest photo by Steven Kamenar Alabama News
USDA announces plans to plant more than one billion trees to fight climate change

The REPLANT Act directs the Forest Service to plant more than a billion trees over the next decade, removes a cap of $30 million and is now expected to provide the agency significantly more resources every year to do so.

Newstalk 93 1 Alabama News
Ray Melick talks climate change/global warming/global cooling on News Talk 93.1 News & Views

Listen to 1819 News Editor-in-Chief Ray Melick on News & Views with Joey Clark as they discuss climate change/global warming/global cooling, Biden gaffes, Parker Griffith's assessment of the Alabama Democratic Party, and Greenetrack's $76 million tax assessment.

File 37b4b42f 049e 4158 a606 7ba963cbbc93 Alabama News
Alabamians reaching out with support to survivors of tornado outbreak

By Erica Thomas, Managing Editor At least 90 people were killed during a tornado outbreak that impacted six states over the weekend....

File 7908e51a e1ae 4390 9740 2ee2368b97ad Alabama News
Caylah Coffeen: Turning the climate apocalypse into a dance party

The useless United Nations Climate Change Conference recently concluded in Scotland. Here’s a hilarious twist: with gas prices rising...