Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin took to Twitter Friday morning to announce that Birmingham has been selected to receive a FEMA grant to improve the city’s drainage system. He attributed the city’s recent flooding to climate change.

“Over the past few years, Birmingham and many other cities around the nation have faced more and more extreme weather patterns caused by climate change,” Woodfin wrote in his Tweet.

Jefferson and Shelby counties have been experiencing flooding issues all year. A Birmingham man died in March after being swept away by a flash flood. 

However, this isn't the first time Woodfin has attributed the flooding to climate change. In October, Woodfin participated in a panel at the Bloomberg CityLab summit in Amsterdam, Netherlands, blaming racism and climate change for the city's water problems. 

Leftists have frequently blamed natural disasters on climate change. In October, climatologist Dr. John R. Christy told 1819 News that the climate-change narrative is just "fear-mongering."

According to Woodfin, Birmingham was one of 20 cities to receive the FEMA grant. He advised that the money is "essential in fighting this problem."

Woodfin also said that FEMA would send Birmingham a representative who will help the city identify infrastructure projects for the city to fund using the grant money.

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