Global warming, climate change and the energy crisis are a bundled deception. They stand as one of the most alarming fabrications since the Salem witch trials in the late 1600s and rank as one of the most destructive lies since the one used to rationalize the enslavement of black Americans that began shortly after. 

The so-called "moral authorities" among Salem's elite pinned numerous sinister incidents on witchcraft, manipulating everyday folks into executing the accused women in an attempt to validate their guilt. They exploited hearsay, falsehoods and forged proof to intimidate and terrify ordinary citizens.

Likewise, in regions where slavery persisted, the privileged "moral authorities" justified it by the fabricated notion that black individuals were innately inferior and that it was God's intention for them to be subservient to white people. The wealthy plantation owners orchestrated fictitious "proof" to substantiate their falsehoods and alarm the white population. The former slave Frederick Douglass detailed the mechanics of this deceitful scheme in his 1845 book, "Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave." 

The people accused by the elite "moral leaders" were not witches, nor are black Americans an inferior race. These manipulative hoaxes were engineered to enhance the authority of the elites. 

Since the early 1970s, influential "moral figures" in our nation have convinced a significant portion of society that unsettling and alarming natural occurrences stem from human-caused global warming, or climate change. They attribute this to our extraction of resources – Earth’s provision available for our use – through mining, drilling and fracking.

Marxists, globalists and other influential figures across the globe, aspiring to exert control over every nation, have united their efforts to exploit this deception in order to snatch away our liberty. They employ rumors, falsehoods, contrived proof and exaggerated forecasts to induce fear among the general populace. Their objective is to create a sense of peril, which they then use to rationalize the sacrifice of our prosperity and freedom. They aim to determine whether we are responsible for causing climate change through excessive energy utilization, regardless of our cleaner practices in comparison to other nations. 

For decades, they employed Hollywood figures to warn us that, by 1975, hundreds of millions would perish from starvation, that 75 percent of all animal species would face extinction by 1995, and that civilization would run out of many necessities by 2000. In recent times, they have turned to the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Greta Thunberg, young women with compelling presence, to rescue us from this impending catastrophe by advocating for legal constraints. 

Not one of their sensational predictions materialized. Their data is riddled with falsehoods and inconsistencies, yet they remain unfazed and steadfast in their assertions. A significant portion of our government's policies hinge on this fabricated narrative, and nearly half of Americans appear to be influenced by it. Although they don't manifest as directly as the calamities of witchcraft trials and slavery did, the repercussions of this deception are grievous. 

Upon assuming office, our current president embarked on a war against American energy companies. He terminated our energy self-sufficiency, halted the export of our energy resources, and initiated the purchase of energy from nations that are adversarial to our own, all in the name of climate change. This set off a sequence of distressing events. Gasoline costs more than doubled. Inflation soared, burdening Americans with financial strain and reduced prosperity. Meanwhile, our adversaries, oil-producing countries such as Russia and those in the Middle East, experienced an unexpected windfall, their coffers swelling. 

Russian leader Vladimir Putin utilized the funds we funneled into his regime to initiate a fresh conflict with Ukraine. This brutal war has claimed numerous lives and prompted our nation's policymakers to provide Ukraine with a colossal cache of weapons and military equipment, valued at billions of dollars, aimed at safeguarding their borders. Remarkably, while they offer this immense support to Ukraine, they appear unwilling to defend against an ongoing invasion across our own borders. We may not directly witness the human toll of the Russia-Ukraine war, but this situation may evolve, given our dwindling resources and financial constraints, as we strive to protect the cherished freedom bestowed upon us by our Creator. 

Amid these developments, a handful of American companies are churning out costly and undependable electric cars and trucks. These vehicles are constructed from materials extracted through exploitative practices, involving child and forced labor, in economically disadvantaged nations under the control of our most formidable adversary, the Chinese Communist Party. All of this, seemingly, to fuel the flames of this hoax. Some Americans have fallen victim to this deception, purchasing these vehicles, only to now experience the financial repercussions of their decision. 

In my view, there is no manmade global warming. I believe that God created the Earth and controls our climate. We possess an abundant supply of energy sources to meet our needs and even export energy to other nations for many years to come. However, as all of this unfolds, it becomes increasingly apparent that the hoax of global warming, climate change and the energy crisis may jeopardize our country's capacity to safeguard the freedom that God has granted us.

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