Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution explicitly directs the federal government to prioritize safeguarding its citizens against invasion and domestic violence – principles set forth by the American Founders during the Constitutional Convention. 

Yet the current presidential administration appears more interested in embracing Marxist principles instead of fulfilling the constitutional mandate to protect its citizens, especially from those who are entering the United States improperly and may pose a threat to our security. 

The actions of our current president and his administration have raised concerns about potential betrayal to our country. Some assert that President Biden is influenced by prominent Marxist figures, including the president of Communist China and billionaire George Soros. 

Over the past three years, Biden has permitted a substantial influx of illegal aliens into our nation, including many perceived adversaries and opportunists aiming to exploit our resources. Any claim suggesting we should not be concerned about the potential for an internal attack on our nation, similar to the one against Israel on Oct. 7, 2023, is deceptive and misleading. 

The United States-Mexico border is a significant route for the trafficking of drugs, with fentanyl one of the most concerning substances. This human surge along our border has led to the depletion of billions of borrowed dollars from our treasury and has also contributed to instances of violence against U.S. citizens. 

The exact number of illegal aliens allowed to enter and reside in our country under Biden's administration remains unclear, both to the public and, presumably, the administration itself. Estimates suggest the figure may range from 8-10 million, though it could be much higher. The strain on local services caused by the influx of improper entry into our country is significant and unmanageable. 

President Biden is opposing U.S. patriots who seek to defend themselves and their states, with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott leading the charge. Biden's actions extend beyond disregarding our existing immigration laws. In my assessment, he is failing in his responsibilities outlined in Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution. Therefore, he is betraying the nation, opposing our country's defenders, and jeopardizing our God-given freedom. 

For these and various other reasons, I advocate for Biden’s impeachment by the U.S. Congress, his conviction by the U.S. Senate, and his prompt removal from office. If Vice President Kamala Harris assumes the presidency and neglects to address the southern border invasion, then she, too, should face impeachment and swift removal. 

I cannot help but wonder: If the 2020 elections had been fair, free from corrupt practices such as computerized electronic vote-stealing machines and other irregular election methods, would the border situation we are facing be resolved by now? In other words, if liberty candidates that lost due to unfair elections had secured victory, would our border situation be different? 

America's greatest liberty messenger, Frederick Douglass, fittingly underscored the government's obligation to safeguard its citizens, affirming, “The first duty that the National Government owes to its citizens is protection." 

It is time for the friends of freedom to unfold their arms, be bold, stand united, and defeat Marxism once and for all. The future of our constitutional Republic is at stake.

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