The ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and Israel are troubling to say the least. But what’s even more troubling is the role the current presidential administration has played in these conflicts.

Upon assuming control of the U.S. government, the Biden administration initiated direct and indirect support for conflicts near the borders of Ukraine and subsequently Israel.

To bolster claims of U.S.-induced climate change and the ensuing energy crisis, President Joe Biden waged a campaign against the American energy industry, leading to the purchase of fossil fuels from Russia, providing them with a significant influx of American dollars. This money likely enabled them to launch their conflict against Ukraine in early 2022.

The Biden administration also paid $6 billion to Iran for hostages, funds which were likely used to support attacks on Israeli citizens in October. During that Oct. 7 event, individuals described as Muslim terrorists emerged from the extensive network of Hamas-built, subterranean tunnels spanning approximately 300 miles under Gaza. These tunnels enabled the terrorists to breach a gate and dismantle a border fence, subsequently launching an attack on Israel. This attack resulted in the tragic deaths of more than 1,400 Israelis, the majority being civilians.

During this horrific incident, they targeted Israelis at a music festival, shooting men, committing heinous acts of violence against women, and parading the mutilated bodies of their victims through the streets. Shockingly, they even resorted to beheading babies, employing door-to-door attacks, and causing destruction by shooting Jews, setting homes ablaze with families inside, and killing both soldiers and civilians without discrimination.

The Muslim terrorists have grimly promised to continue these attacks until they annihilate all Jews and completely eradicate Israel. While some elements of the American mainstream media refer to Israel's response as "retaliatory," it is important to recognize that the Israelis are not seeking retaliation but are, in fact, engaged in a life-and-death struggle to protect their country and ensure its survival. They want to extinguish the grave threat posed by these terrorists to establishing lasting peace.

I am grateful for the new Speaker in the U.S. House of Representatives, who is committed to prioritizing the defense of American citizens with the slim majority at hand. Safeguarding the interests of the American people is Speaker Johnson’s foremost concern, but he’s also giving thoughtful consideration of how and to what extent we should support Israel in its self-defense efforts. A separate evaluation will also come, determining whether additional funding should be allocated to Ukraine, where issues related to military aid misappropriation have arisen.

All these factors – including the Biden administration's policies affecting the American energy industry, ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and Israel, and the pressing issue of inflation, which is making it increasingly challenging for millions to meet their financial obligations and support their families – are challenges and threats facing U.S. citizens. Our nation also faces depletion in the stockpile of weaponry, munitions, and even the Strategic Oil Reserve, making it more difficult for our military to protect our interests. Coupled with our mounting national debt, these factors could potentially jeopardize our ability to defend American citizens if we fail to take corrective actions promptly.

But the gravest military threat to U.S. citizens likely emerges from the Biden administration's reluctance to secure our own borders, particularly in the south. For more than two years, millions of illegal aliens – including some from adversarial countries – have entered the country, with many receiving some form of federal aid. Tracking of such entrants is limited, however, leaving minimal or no information available about many of them.

To put this in perspective, the 1.4 million individuals who have crossed the border this year alone equals Dallas's population, the Center for Immigration Studies warns. Notably, many of these individuals are single men of military age (18-30 years old), some of whom appear to have military backgrounds. They hail from various regions, including Communist China, Middle Eastern Islamic nations, and other entities not aligned with the principles of freedom bestowed by God.

In light of these multifaceted challenges, there’s an unsettling possibility that our nation may one day confront a larger-scale threat to American citizens than the tragic events that unfolded in Israel last month, when innocent lives were lost to acts of terrorism.

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