If we were in the final moments of a football game, we'd recognize that we're trailing and past the two-minute warning. If it were baseball, we'd be in the bottom of the ninth inning. 

But what we're dealing with in this country is not a game; it's a battle for the future of our God-given freedom and the United States of America. 

The 2020 U.S. election was undeniably marred by irregularities and concerns about its integrity. A significant number of Americans have recognized this through various sources, including "Lou Dobbs Tonight" on www.LindellTV.com. If for some reason you haven't yet grasped the severity of this issue, it's crucial that we engage in open discussions – if only for our unity. 

I contend that the integrity of our 2020 election was compromised through tactics such as the exploitation of the coronavirus pandemic, which led to the manipulation, alteration, and disregard of established election laws. The methods employed included extended 30-day voting periods, mail-in ballots (sometimes referred to as cheat by mail), ballot harvesting, ballot drop boxes, and the use of computerized electronic vote-stealing machines. These machines were capable of being connected through the internet, raising concerns about the transparency of the voting process. It is essential to critically examine these issues to safeguard the trust and integrity of our electoral system. 

Such tactics were vividly depicted in two documentary films: "Absolute Proof," by Mike Lindell and Dr. Douglas Frank, and "2,000 Mules," by Dinesh and Debbie D’Souza. These documentaries are based on public data collected by Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips of True the Vote to illustrate the concerning methods employed during the 2020 election. Examining these documentaries and the data they present is crucial for a thorough understanding of the challenges to the electoral process. 

Mike Lindell, the entrepreneur behind the “My Pillow” company, has dedicated significant portions of his personal earnings to lead the charge against election fraud, collaborating with the individuals mentioned earlier. Recently, Lindell noted how countries like Argentina, the Netherlands, and Taiwan successfully adopted the voting strategies he’s championed, specifically the use of paper ballots, resulting in successes for candidates advocating freedom in their respective elections. 

In an email to supporters, Lindell highlighted these successes:

“In their nationwide election, (Taiwan) used paper ballots, no machines, and every single vote was counted on Election Day. Taiwan is not alone. Argentina did the very same thing. Like Taiwan, Argentina also elected a populist, right-of-center candidate, Javier Milei, as their new President.”

This is the precise method through which the U.S. can regain trust in our elections and safeguard our Republic for ourselves and future generations – put an end to the machines and revert to hand-counted paper ballots because it works. 

Lindell concluded: 

“In light of the Argentina election and the Taiwanese elections, it’s shocking that the United States of America, the most powerful nation in the world, cannot count the votes. We’ve gone from having election results on the same night or in the early hours to prolonged counts of sketchy ballots behind closed doors, with the winner remaining unknown for days and weeks on end. The USA is now acting like a third-world nation, while other smaller and less well-off countries are able to have normal elections. And if we're honest with ourselves, our election system is not normal, and we all know it. 

That is how the Taiwanese stopped Communism, that is how the Argentineans stopped Socialism, this is how we can RESTORE AMERICA!”

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