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Rise to the Moment of Truth Monday, July 22, 2024


Debbie Wood. Alabama News
House passes bill requiring mandatory post-election audits — 'We should always try to enhance our elections’ integrity'

The Alabama House of Representatives passed a bill on Tuesday requiring county probate judges to conduct mandatory ballot audits after every county and statewide election. 

RFK Alabama News
KCarl Smith: Voices uniting for election integrity

According to Kennedy, Biden stands out as the first American president to "weaponize" the agencies of the U.S. federal government against his political adversaries.

Angela Shepherd Alabama News
Election integrity advocate who took viral ballot machine video pushes for voter reform in Alabama

A video of a vote tabulation machine accepting multiple copies of the same, rough-cut paper ballot during a public test in 2022 went viral and caused a stir at polls across the state. Angela Shepherd, the Auburn native and poll worker who shot the video, said that was when she realized how bad the issue really was.

ballots Alabama News
KCarl Smith: Urgent call to action on restoring election integrity

What we're dealing with in this country is not a game; it's a battle for the future of our God-given freedom and the United States of America.

voting, vote Alabama News
Obama-appointed federal judge rules in favor of True the Vote in Georgia case

A federal judge ruled in favor of True the Vote Tuesday in a three-year-long legal battle to support election integrity in Georgia.

voters Alabama News
Talmadge Butts: In 2024, expect more election integrity questions, concerns and politicking

Since 2020, over half of the states have passed legislation that will be in effect for 2024, some strengthening election integrity and some making even further expansions of mail-in voting and ballot harvesting.

ballots Alabama News
Amended legislation requiring random audits of Alabama elections passes House committee

A bill to require random audits of Alabama elections has cleared House Constitutions, Campaigns, and Elections Committee.

11th Circuit Court of Appeals Alabama News
Matt Clark: Two good decisions by the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

Alabamians should rest assured that the federal appellate judges in our jurisdiction respect election integrity and religious freedom.

A close up of a pen filling in the yes option on a ballot. Alabama News
Bill designed to crack down on ballot harvesting passes House, despite lengthy Democratic protest

Controversial legislation designed to crack down on ballot harvesting passed the Alabama House of Representatives after vigorous Democratic protest.

voting, vote Alabama News
Two election integrity bills pass Alabama House, head to Ivey's desk for signature

The Alabama Legislature has passed two election integrity bills that would require the use of paper ballots and prevent voting machines from connecting to the internet.

Gregg Phillips Alabama News
Election vendor drops lawsuit against True the Vote after voter fraud investigation info revealed online

A lawsuit filed by election vendor Konnech Corporation against True the Vote, Inc., Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips has been dropped after months of gaining national attention over questions about voter integrity.

voting machone Alabama News
Alabama Senate passes two election integrity bills including paper ballots, no machines with internet connection

Two election integrity bills passed the Alabama Senate unanimously on Tuesday.

ballots Alabama News
Florida, Missouri, West Virginia follow Alabama — States pull out of ERIC system over refusal to address concerns

Multiple states have now pulled out of the Electronic Registration and Information Center (ERIC) after over a year of concerns from state leaders across the nation.

Alabama Sen. Clyde Chambliss Alabama News
State Sen. Chambliss pre-filed bills would keep paper ballots, prevent voting machines that connect to the internet

State Sen. Clyde Chambliss (R-Prattville) has pre-filed two election integrity bills ahead of the 2023 legislative session. The first bill would require the use of paper ballots, and the other would ensure voting machines would never connect to the internet.

Gregg Phillips True the Vote Youtube com Alabama News
'2000 Mules' producer and True the Vote leader released from jail

Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips, an Alabama native, were released from jail today after being arrested for contempt of court in Texas in relation to his work with election integrity group True the Vote.

voting, vote Alabama News
Black box voting: Confessions of an elections hacker (Part 2)

Cyber security expert and certified ethical hacker Clay Parikh is part of a legal effort here in the state to test and evaluate the security level and accuracy of our voting machines.

Electronic voting Alabama News
Black box voting: Confessions of an elections hacker (Part 1)

Clay Parikh spent nine years in an election testing lab seeking to hack everything in his path.

Election voting vote campaign voting machines by Elliott Stallion Alabama News
Houston County considers participating in state’s ‘one-time post-election audit’

The Houston County Commission will decide Tuesday whether to agree to participate in a limited voting audit after the general election in November. 

Gary Palmer 5 Alabama News
Palmer denounces DOJ lawsuit to prevent Arizona from improving election integrity

"This action by the Biden Administration's Department of Justice will continue to erode the public’s trust in the election process and will raise public perception that fraudulent votes are being cast,” said Rep. Palmer.

Jim Zeigler and Wes Allen Alabama News
GOP Secretary of State candidates debate in Gardendale

Jim Zeigler and Wes Allen both argued that they were the most qualified persons to serve as Alabama Secretary of State. The two are candidates in the June 21 Republican primary runoff for the office. Both emphasized the importance of election integrity.

Jim Zeigler speakring 2 Alabama News
Zeigler to speak in Opelika

Jim Zeigler is promising to be a "watchman" on voting integrity if elected as Alabama Secretary of State. Zeigler faces Wes Allen in the Republican primary runoff.

Lindy Blanchard and Mike Lindell photo provided by Blanchard campaign Alabama News
Mike Lindell endorses Lindy Blanchard for Governor

"I have taken on the deep, dark corners of election fraud in this nation, and I am proud to stand with Lindy Blanchard because I know she will fight to ensure each and every legal ballot in the great state of Alabama is counted,” said Mike Lindell.

Secretary of State candidates Alabama News
VIDEO: Secretary of State candidates meet in forum, talk election integrity

All four Republican candidates for Secretary of State met Monday night at the O’Neal Public Library in Mountain Brook to talk to the Eagle Forum about their qualifications and the integrity of Alabama elections.

File 13620227 4408 44b1 a30b ed1005b3eec7 Alabama News
Secretary of State candidate supports outlawing internet to voting machines

Ed Packard announces support for legislation to outlaw connecting voting machines to internet Republican Secretary of State candidate...

File 0bc7a73e a576 498c 9827 3aff74ba9053 Alabama News
Zeigler qualifies for Secretary of State race

On Thursday, State Auditor Jim Zeigler (R) was at Republican headquarters in Hoover to qualify for Secretary of State. Zeigler told...

File e85a26d7 b45b 45b5 a9af 9e82e4e3bea5 Alabama News
Shelby and Tuberville vote against Sewell’s voting rights bill as it fails in the Senate

Wednesday, the United States Senate failed to change Senate rules in order to advance the Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act sponsored...

File 91a3c53a c333 4cdd 9e84 6e183394889c Alabama News
Sewell traveling to Atlanta on Air Force One with Biden and Harris

President Joseph R. Biden (D) will be in Atlanta on Tuesday to deliver a key speech promoting Rep. Terri Sewell’s (D-AL) voting rights...

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