Rise to the Moment of Truth Monday, March 4, 2024

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Illegal immigration border crossing Alabama News
Talmadge Butts: The establishment wants open borders at all costs

If/when the Supreme Court declares that Texas may not secure its own border from millions of illegal migrants, Texas may very well be willing to draw a line in the sand and invoke the infamous State powers of nullification and interposition. Perhaps New York City would actually be relieved.

free speech Alabama News
Talmadge Butts: Don’t tread on memes – Douglass Mackey and free speech in America

Douglass Mackey began posting about politics and his support for Trump via a pseudonymous Twitter account. Today, however, he is facing seven months in federal prison and a hefty fine.

Iowa Capitol Alabama News
Talmadge Butts: A different kind of ‘Goat Hill’ at the Iowa State Capitol

The Alabama State Capitol is colloquially known as “Goat Hill” because the building was constructed on a pasture where goats once grazed. In recent weeks, however, the Iowa State Capitol took that pet-name for itself after allowing the Satanic Temple of Iowa to display a statue of Baphomet.

voters Alabama News
Talmadge Butts: In 2024, expect more election integrity questions, concerns and politicking

Since 2020, over half of the states have passed legislation that will be in effect for 2024, some strengthening election integrity and some making even further expansions of mail-in voting and ballot harvesting.

Dublin Riots Alabama News
Talmadge Butts: Free speech is dead in Ireland. Will it survive in America?

The events in Ireland matter in America more than we might realize, as the freedom of speech is always the first on the chopping block of power-hungry regimes.

United States House of Representatives chamber Alabama News
Talmadge Butts: Why the Founders may have supported a 1,700-member House of Representatives

The Founders intended the House of Representatives to be the “People’s House.” But today, as the People number 330,000,000, the 435-seat House’s foundation is more strained than ever — its blueprint forgotten.

Country Church 2 Alabama News
Talmadge Butts: How long until government closes churches again?

Were there no laws on the books that “clearly established” that the government cannot restrict church assembly?

Michelle Lujan Grisham Alabama News
Talmadge Butts: ‘Executive overreach is for your own good!’

The most consistent thing about government is that those in power, no matter who they are, always claim to have our best interests at heart. “It’s for your own good!” runs the executive’s trusty refrain.