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Alabama political news lawfare Alabama News
Laura Clark: All's fair in law and politics

The solution for political opponents today is to attack each other for things unrelated to political stance in order to take them out of the public discourse.

marilyn lands Alabama News
Jennifer Oliver O'Connell: The District 10 win doesn't mean what Democrats or Republicans think

The Alabama District 10 win of Democrat Marilyn Lands over Republican City Councilman Teddy Powell is way overblown. And it’s been intentional.

voting, election Alabama News
Joey Clark: The political elite will always cheat

According to a recent Rasmussen poll, the vast majority of the political elite are choosing to cheat, ready to “set the murderous Machiavel to school” while seeing themselves as far too clever to play by the rules.

Charles Kiplinger: A revealing glimpse into the election process

As an active participant in the electoral process, I recently delved into the intricate workings of our voting system.

Biden Alabama News
Dr. Richard Menger: What history tells us about a U.S. president’s cognitive ability

Joe Biden will be 86 in 2028. Donald Trump will be 78 on election day. How can we verify if our leaders are fit for office? 

voting, election Alabama News
Kaitlyn Smith: American politics through the eyes of a young poll worker

Let’s step out in faith and see what God will do with us, the next generation of Americans.

Britt sotu response Alabama News
Joey Clark: Tethered tea and Sen. Katie Britt's debut on the great American stage

The reaction to both Biden and Britt seemed even more scripted and contrived than either of their speeches – like dogs bred to bay at the smell of chicken skin and peanut butter.

Trump mugshot Alabama News
Joey Clark: Is Trump really a unique threat to democracy?

Playing on people's insecurities and fears of "the other" is not exclusive to America First. These are not flaws of a know-nothing populist reactionary movement but features of democracy itself.  

frustrated person Alabama News
Kristin Landers: When we don’t know what to do about the dumpster fire that is our nation

What can we do when we feel trapped, with little ability to change things on the larger scale? 

Political Protest Alabama News
Joey Clark: Guard your heart from politicians and never expect too much from them

Every four years, I make a quiet promise to myself to remain as detached as possible in my support for anyone for president. In essence, don’t fall in love with politicians!

ballots Alabama News
KCarl Smith: Urgent call to action on restoring election integrity

What we're dealing with in this country is not a game; it's a battle for the future of our God-given freedom and the United States of America.

German Protest Alabama News
Amie Beth Shaver: The coming revolution?

Election season is upon us. Alabama, it's not if. It's when and it’s where. 

Propaganda Alabama News
Joey Clark: 7 lessons for detaching from political propaganda in 2024

Cherish your sanity and life outside of your political opinions. Try to enjoy Freak Show 2024 without taking it all too seriously!

ballots Alabama News
Judges refuse to reinstate disqualified Democrat Jefferson County Treasurer candidates to the March primary ballot

Two Montgomery County Circuit Court judges refused on Wednesday to reinstate two disqualified candidates for Jefferson County Treasurer.

voters voting booth Alabama News
Charles Kiplinger: Continually hyping voter fraud could depress turnout in the 2024 election

Vote as if your city, county, state, and country depend on it – because they do. 

Angry Crowd Alabama News
Joey Clark: 2024, the year of mutually assured destruction in American politics

American democracy keeps killing the thing it theoretically loves – individual liberty – yet American democracy does not die. 

Marshall County Courthouse in Guntersville Alabama News
Marshall County facing 'marathon election year' in 2024 with up to 8 potential elections

With a race for Alabama Senate District 9 and the White House in 2024, Marshall County Probate Judge Andrea Lecroy is preparing for a “marathon election year” that could include up to eight elections.

Jackson County Board of Education member asks state to investigate Republican candidate disqualifications

Mike Matthews, an incumbent Jackson County Board of Education member, is calling for a state investigation after being removed from the ballot in the 2024 elections. 

voters Alabama News
Talmadge Butts: In 2024, expect more election integrity questions, concerns and politicking

Since 2020, over half of the states have passed legislation that will be in effect for 2024, some strengthening election integrity and some making even further expansions of mail-in voting and ballot harvesting.

John Wahl Alabama News
Alabama GOP chair John Wahl debates North Carolina Democrat chair on ‘Good Morning America’

At one year out from the 2024 election for president, ABC’s “Good Morning America” held a debate on the election outlook featuring the youngest Republican Party chair opposite the youngest Democratic Party chair.

Photo from Wikipedia Alabama News
Renowned pollster Scott Rasmussen speaks at Alabama Policy Institute dinner; Warns Trump still uncertain as Republican nominee

Pollster and political analyst Scott Rasmussen spoke on Thursday night at the Alabama Policy Institute dinner in Vestavia Hills, warning the audience of conservative state leaders that anything can happen between now and November 2024.

Gordon Stone Alabama News
Pike Road Mayor Gordon Stone ‘unlikely’ to run for Congress in 2024

Pike Road Mayor Gordon Stone likely won’t pursue the Republican nomination for Congress in the 2nd District despite some encouragement to do so.

Anthony Daniels Alabama News
House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels ‘strongly considering’ run for Congress in 2nd congressional district

House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels (D-Huntsville) is considering a run for Congress in 2024 in the newly created 2nd congressional district. 

Sewell, Singleton Alabama News
Senate Minority Leader Singleton launching 'exploratory committee' for primary challenge against U.S. Rep. Sewell

U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell (D-Birmingham) might already have her first Democratic primary challenger for 2024 one day after new congressional district map proposals were released by a court-appointed special master.

Constitution American Flag theusconstitution org Alabama News
Kristin Landers: Clowns, jokers and We the People

We the People who love freedom, crave better economic times and still believe our children can have a good future in this nation have about 13 months to get it together behind someone we think can right this sinking ship.

Clean Water Alabama News
Allen Keller: Clean water from a dirty well

Many voters want better leaders, but instead of voting for this, they’re happy to be bought off by those they think will give them something.

Reagan Alabama News
Phil Williams: Ronald Reagan, where are you?!

Today, when I look at the state of politics, I want to yell, “Ronald Reagan, where are you?!”

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