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John Wahl Alabama News
Alabama GOP chair John Wahl debates North Carolina Democrat chair on ‘Good Morning America’

At one year out from the 2024 election for president, ABC’s “Good Morning America” held a debate on the election outlook featuring the youngest Republican Party chair opposite the youngest Democratic Party chair.

Photo from Wikipedia Alabama News
Renowned pollster Scott Rasmussen speaks at Alabama Policy Institute dinner; Warns Trump still uncertain as Republican nominee

Pollster and political analyst Scott Rasmussen spoke on Thursday night at the Alabama Policy Institute dinner in Vestavia Hills, warning the audience of conservative state leaders that anything can happen between now and November 2024.

Gordon Stone Alabama News
Pike Road Mayor Gordon Stone ‘unlikely’ to run for Congress in 2024

Pike Road Mayor Gordon Stone likely won’t pursue the Republican nomination for Congress in the 2nd District despite some encouragement to do so.

Anthony Daniels Alabama News
House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels ‘strongly considering’ run for Congress in 2nd congressional district

House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels (D-Huntsville) is considering a run for Congress in 2024 in the newly created 2nd congressional district. 

Sewell, Singleton Alabama News
Senate Minority Leader Singleton launching 'exploratory committee' for primary challenge against U.S. Rep. Sewell

U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell (D-Birmingham) might already have her first Democratic primary challenger for 2024 one day after new congressional district map proposals were released by a court-appointed special master.

Constitution American Flag theusconstitution org Alabama News
Kristin Landers: Clowns, jokers and We the People

We the People who love freedom, crave better economic times and still believe our children can have a good future in this nation have about 13 months to get it together behind someone we think can right this sinking ship.

Clean Water Alabama News
Allen Keller: Clean water from a dirty well

Many voters want better leaders, but instead of voting for this, they’re happy to be bought off by those they think will give them something.

Reagan Alabama News
Phil Williams: Ronald Reagan, where are you?!

Today, when I look at the state of politics, I want to yell, “Ronald Reagan, where are you?!”

Collage of Alabama GOP congressional delegation Alabama News
Alabama's GOP congressional delegation goes 6-0 in favor of Trump's re-election

One day after former President Donald Trump was indicted on federal charges for challenging the 2020 election results, six Republican members of Alabama’s U.S. congressional delegation officially gave him their support for 2024.

Absentee Voting AP Photo Rogelio V Solis Alabama News
John Merrill says involved citizens help secure elections — 'We have to have more citizens that are willing to step up and identify whenever they see something'

According to former Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill, greater community involvement will help keep elections more secure.

Absentee ballot application Alabama News
State Rep. Kiel 'optimistic' ballot harvesting bill will pass in 2024 — 'We want everybody who's legally able to vote to vote'

Kiel said the legislation would help crack down on ballot harvesting and shore up the most vulnerable aspect of Alabama’s elections.