Rise to the Moment of Truth Saturday, April 13, 2024

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Katie Britt Alabama News
Charles Kiplinger: An open letter to Sen. Katie Britt

Dear Sen. Katie Britt: On behalf of the North Central Alabama Republican Assembly, I must say we are extremely disappointed in you for voting YES on the recent spending bill.

Charles Kiplinger: A revealing glimpse into the election process

As an active participant in the electoral process, I recently delved into the intricate workings of our voting system.

Alabama political news ALRA Alabama News
Charles Kiplinger: Failure to exercise voting rights will likely erode our First and Second Amendment rights

Many believe and argue that the First and Second Amendments are the most important Constitutional rights, but without exercising these four amendments on voting, you may well see the first two erode before your eyes.

School bus Alabama News
Charles Kiplinger: Recreating Alabama’s educational system

Change in educational institutions can be a complex and lengthy process. It requires persistence, collaboration, and a willingness to engage in constructive dialogue with stakeholders.

school choice Alabama News
Charles ‘Kip’ Kiplinger: School choice and its financial implications

As conservatives, we uphold principles of fiscal responsibility, limited government intervention, and individual freedom. It's time to apply these principles to education through the advocacy of school choice.

Parents Child Alabama News
Charles ‘Kip’ Kiplinger: Parents and their influence on the politics of the future

In retrospect, conservatism wasn't something imposed upon me; it evolved because I had two parents who were present, caring, and dedicated to guiding me in the right direction.

voters voting booth Alabama News
Charles Kiplinger: Continually hyping voter fraud could depress turnout in the 2024 election

Vote as if your city, county, state, and country depend on it – because they do. 

Voting Machines Alabama News
Charles Kiplinger: The forgotten review

I have heard it said that there isn’t just one election in Alabama but 67, and I am beginning to believe that is true. 

DEI blocks Alabama News
Charles Kiplinger: Diversity, equity and inclusion are a tale as old as time

Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. These words have come to signify an agenda, a modern day “Hunger Games” society in which there will be the haves, and the have-nots.