Dear Sen. Katie Britt,

On behalf of the North Central Alabama Republican Assembly, I must say we are extremely disappointed in you for voting YES on the recent spending bill. Of our eight Republican elected officials in Washington, D.C., you were the only one who failed to consider the values of Alabama citizens and voted for spending that:

1) We as a country cannot afford. This legislation drives the national debt deeper into the abyss — we are seeing a one trillion dollar increase in the national debt every 100 days.

2) Fails to meet the needs of this country in critical areas of national security, especially on the border. We are overwhelmed by illegal immigrants entering the country, thousands from countries who want nothing more than to see the demise of the United States, and many who have been identified as terrorists. However, the American taxpayers DID provide funding to other countries to shore up their borders.

3) Provided funding for programs that go against the moral fiber of the majority of Alabamians. If you had halfway paid attention to some of the legislative issues occurring in Alabama, you would see this. Some of these programs include:

- $850k for a gay senior home
- $15 million to pay for Egyptians’ college tuition
- $400k for a gay activist group to teach elementary kids about being trans
- $500k for a DEI zoo, an anti-racist nature appreciation program
- $400k for a group to give clothes to teens to help them hide their gender

According to the House Freedom Caucus, the bill also provided:

- $650,000 for Dartmouth Hitchcock Nashua in New Hampshire, which according to its website “routinely provide[s] both medication and procedural abortion care up to 22 weeks of pregnancy.”
- $400,000 for the Garden State Equality Education Fund in New Jersey, which helps minors transition
- $156,000 for the Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective in Connecticut
- $850,000 for LGBTQ Senior Housing Inc. in Massachusetts as part of an LGBTQ-only senior community in Boston
- $2,000,000 for La Clinica del Valle Family Health Care Center in Oregon to conduct gender-affirming hormone therapy for adults and adolescents 

I want to close this letter on a positive note, but I can find no way to do so. We implore you to reconsider your stance on future legislative matters, keeping in mind the concerns and values of the constituents you represent. As a community, we will continue to monitor your voting record closely and engage in constructive dialogue to ensure that our voices are heard. It is our sincere hope that you will prioritize the needs and values of Alabama residents in your future decisions. Thank you for your attention to these important matters.

Charles “Kip” Kiplinger, Vice President, North Central Alabama Republican Assembly

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