Rise to the Moment of Truth Monday, June 17, 2024

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Eagles Alabama News
Students across the Southeast unite in Huntsville for 4th annual Leadership Institute-Student Eagle Leadership Conference

The collaboration between the Leadership Institute and Eagle Forum aims to cultivate and reinforce conservative values in young individuals.

Alabama Capitol Alabama News
Becky Gerritson: Innovation district bills would remove proper legislative authority and give it to selected corporations

An innovation district is a concentrated geographic area where businesses and academia collaborate toward a common economic goal. While that might sound good on paper, in practice, it could have dire consequences, particularly when the government gets involved.

Tuberville Alabama News
Becky Gerritson: The real story on Sen. Tuberville’s stand for life

There is an assertion in Washington, D.C. – recently repeated by President Joe Biden – that U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) is holding up Department of Defense nominations because of his pro-life stance. On the contrary, it is the Biden administration itself that is holding military promotions hostage.