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Ashley Carter: The joy of motherhood

The joy of being a mother and getting to experience all the love that comes from it beats a day in the life of a single Chelsea Handler any day.

Dr. Daniel Sutter: Stop this CON job

Thirty-five states — including Alabama — currently employ Certificate of Need (CON) laws in health care, which require approval for new facilities in an industry.

Amie Beth Shaver: Margaret Court and the need to speak truth boldly

Most of us have much less to lose than Margaret Court. So why don’t we speak the truth as boldly?

Matt Clark: Why the Asbury revival could be what America needs

Last week, students at Asbury University, a private Christian school in Kentucky, assembled for their biweekly chapel service in the school’s auditorium. But when the chapel service was scheduled to end, the worship kept going.

Justin Bogie: Alabamians need tax relief, not another savings account

Another savings account assures the future prosperity of state government.  Don’t Alabamians deserve the same assurance?

Silenced Truth
Lauren DeMoss Benson: Truth for peace is not a fair trade

Yes, we need brave truth tellers in public office. Yes, we need them in the media. But more than that, we need them in the daily lives of American citizens everywhere.

Alabama inmates ADOC
AG Steve Marshall: The mandatory early-release law of 2021 — Causes and consequences

The “they’re going to get out anyway” argument assumes that because most inmates are eventually released from prison, there is no harm in letting the worst offenders out a year early to see how they do under “supervised” release. There are glaring problems with this premise.

1819 Amie Beth Shaver
Amie Beth Shaver talks normalizing behaviors via video games on News Talk 93.1 'News & Views'

Listen to 1819 News Contributor Amie Beth Shaver on "News & Views" with Joey Clark as they discuss video games like Sims 4 and others that have introduced transgender characters in an effort to normalize that behavior.

New York
Sean of the South: Empire City

A look of wistfulness comes over the face of the young woman making my sandwich at a New York deli counter. “Birmingham,” she said. “I’m from Birmingham. I was born there.”

Amie Beth Shaver2
Amie Beth Shaver talks ADOC's mass prisoner release on Alabama’s 'Morning News' on NewsRadio 105.5 WERC

Listen to 1819 News Contributor Amie Beth Shaver on iHeart Radio with JT as they discuss ADOC's mass prisoner release and how Calhoun County Sheriff Matthew Wade has blasted it and Attorney General Steve Marshall has filed suit to stop it.

School bus
Justin Bogie: Time for legislators to act boldly on school choice

Why does Alabama continue to wait? School choice is the right move for Alabama. 

API Justin Bogie
Justin Bogie refutes the Alabama Legislature's arguments against tax cuts on News Talk 93.1 'News & Views'

Listen to 1819 News Fiscal and Budget Reporter Justin Bogie on "News & Views" with Joey Clark as they discuss the Alabama Legislature's arguments against tax cuts and reasons those arguments are not valid.

Joey Clark: The white privilege of wrong political opinions

My favorite white privilege — one I hope will soon be available to all races — is that I am rarely accused of being a race traitor for having the wrong political opinions.

API Parker Snider Brian Moats
Parker Snider talks Auburn University's Black Student Union on Alabama’s Morning News with JT on NewsRadio 105.5 WERC

Listen to 1819 News Operations Manager Parker Snider on iHeart Radio with JT as they discuss Auburn University's Black Student Union and their GroupMe list of dehumanizing racial slurs.

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Phil Williams: Everything to lose

Millions of kids were not “born wrong.” The idea that transgender kids are a mistake, forever trapped in the wrong body, only made whole by medical correction, immediately makes the child a victim for the rest of his life.

Ashley Carter: The rewards of caregiving for elderly parents

Caregiving for our parents can be somewhat overwhelming, but in the end more rewarding than anything.

Randy Tatano: Happy Valentine’s Day – Here’s your donut

Valentine’s Day. The time of romance, cupid, hearts, flowers and candy. But Valentine’s Day reminds me of donuts. Donuts and “The Poop Cruise.” 

Video Games
Amie Beth Shaver: The trans agenda infiltrating your home

Game manufacturers are at war with us. They know how long young eyes stare at their screens and interact with their characters. They know they’re openly proselytizing our kids, baptizing them into this religion of gender Marxism and queer theory that most parents diametrically oppose. 

Justin Bogie: Why the push to expand Alabama’s Medicaid programs is ‘crazy’

State Sen. Arthur Orr laid out a variety of reasons that he opposes Medicaid expansion, calling it "crazy" and making a compelling argument against it.

Abortion Pills
Matt Clark: How a civil suit could stop abortion pills

The overturned Roe v. Wade decision doesn’t mean the fight for life is over. It's now headed to our mailboxes. But if there’s one state in the Union that would be great for a civil suit against USPS, it’s Alabama.

Maximise income tax relief comparehero my
Justin Bogie talks 'wild' revenue streams on FM Talk 1065

Listen to 1819 News Fiscal and Budget Reporter Justin Bogie on Midday Mobile with Sean Sullivan as they discuss "wild" revenue streams being used as an excuse to not cut taxes when those streams resulted in a $3 billion surplus last fiscal year and Alabama citizens are struggling under high inflation.

tax cut
Justin Bogie talks small government republicanism on FM Talk 1065

Listen to 1819 News Fiscal and Budget Reporter Justin Bogie on The Jeff Poor Show as they discuss the "smaller government" Republican supermajority in the Alabama legislature, which spends taxpayer money at a faster rate than Blue states, increasing government by 35% over the past 4 years.

Tuberville KBB
KCarl Smith: Wanted — Politicians with the moral courage to be truth-tellers

Legislative incumbents are beginning to wake up and smell the unsustainable debt in the air, and people like Katie Britt and Tommy Tuberville may help them see a way forward. 

empty prison cell
Will Blakely talks the Alabama Department of Corrections on FM Talk 1065

Listen to 1819 News Reporter Will Blakely on The Jeff Poor Show as they discuss the governor's relative silence on all the Alabama Department of Corrections' serious issues.

Alabama Reflector
Welcome to the fray, Alabama Reflector!

We couldn’t go without mentioning the new kid on the block in Alabama political journalism here at 1819 News – the Alabama Reflector.

Sean of the South: Homewood

The young woman cutting my hair goes by the name Shelby. She is as country as a collard, with an accent like Ribbon cane syrup.

Taxes, cut taxes
Justin Bogie: Are Alabama’s state revenue streams too 'wild' to enact permanent tax cuts?

There is enough money available to provide Alabamians with historic tax relief, without jeopardizing future state budgets. The question is, are lawmakers willing to do so?

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