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Rise to the Moment of Truth Monday, July 15, 2024

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Alabama political news mega millions Alabama News
Rex Jones: Without the lottery, Alabama is losing

Our lottery policies are forcing Alabamians to drive to Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee to play the lottery.

Baldwin County Conservative Coalition: An open letter to Baldwin County residents regarding library books

We must protect all children. That means LGBTQ+ children, too. If a child is confused and struggling, they shouldn't be able to get their feelings validated by a library book without their caregiver knowing. 

Alabama political news kid computer Alabama News
Amie Beth Shaver: The stealth agenda coming from your child's school-issued Chromebook

Our kids have ready access to sexually explicit material courtesy of our schools. This perversion comes into their hands on their school-issued Chromebooks.  

Alabama political news juke Alabama News
Nick Treglia: Everything is ugly

I want America to mass produce great-looking, reliable, and fun cars again. All it will take to bring that back is a company willing to take a chance and a government willing to step back and let America get to work.

Alabama political news easter biden Alabama News
Jessica Taylor: Christians must find their voices

The pro-transgender proclamation made this Easter is a wakeup call to all Christians – Republican, Democrat, black, white, or brown – all of us. We must have the hard conversations.

Alabama political news biden church Alabama News
Allen Keller: Trading Gospel for government

We are left to believe that modern progressivism is replacing Christianity with a much less substantial system, fraught with scientific failures and political power plays.

Alabama political news biden easter Alabama News
Katrinnah Darden: Religious freedom flops on Easter weekend

The religious holiday clash was resurrected last weekend when President Biden issued two Executive Proclamations for March 31st. One short proclamation recognized Easter Sunday, while the much longer one recognized a “Transgender Day of Visibility.”

Steve Marshall Alabama News
Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall: Is ethics legislation what the public wants?

Today, the Alabama House of Representatives will debate the latest attempted rewrite of our current ethics laws. I am strongly opposed to this legislation. It is important to me that the members of the legislature and the general public understand why.

Alabama political news healthcare Alabama News
Alabama Health System CEOs: Alabama’s health care workforce needs the Alabama School of Healthcare Sciences

Building the Alabama School of Healthcare Sciences represents an innovative approach to addressing the lingering need we have in our state for more qualified health care workers, especially in our state’s rural areas.

Entitlement Alabama News
Joey Clark: You are not entitled to a job

As long as we Americans continue to court government robbers and their crony robber barons for our daily bread, believing their supposedly moral or scientific justifications, we will continue to eat away at our freedom and prosperity.

willy brandt Alabama News
Will Sellers: Espionage’s unintended consequences

Fifty years ago, Americans were so distracted by Watergate that they failed to notice the unmasking of one of the most consequential spies during the Cold War.

Birmingham-Southern Alabama News
Phil Williams: Uncle Sugar

I hate the idea of BSC going away. But I also hate that actions should have no consequences. Bad form should not be bailed out with our tax dollars.

Stack of books library Alabama News
Allen Mendenhall: ‘Ban’ my book!

Moving books from one section of the library to another isn’t a ban. It’s a relocation. Nor is it “banning” to remove certain books from the library altogether.

Alabama political news cross Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Love's redeeming grace

Take this Easter as a time to reflect and show gratitude for the incredible, undeserved gift of salvation.

Alabama political news grandma Alabama News
Sean of the South: Grandma

No sooner had the old couple adopted the baby than Grandma began taking classes at a local community college to learn sign language. She brought the infant carrier into class with her. She fed her daughter during school hours.

marilyn lands Alabama News
Jennifer Oliver O'Connell: The District 10 win doesn't mean what Democrats or Republicans think

The Alabama District 10 win of Democrat Marilyn Lands over Republican City Councilman Teddy Powell is way overblown. And it’s been intentional.

good friday, easter, cross Alabama News
Jim 'Zig' Zeigler: Why is the Day Called ‘Good Friday’?

Why is the day that Jesus Christ died on a Roman cross called “good” when it commemorates a day of suffering and death? Why is it not called "Bad Friday?"

Alabama political news christianity Alabama News
Laura Clark: Be ye not pontificators of the Word, but doers

We are Christians. Our lives, our values, our speech, our politics, and our world belong to God. It’s high time we act like it.

Alabama political news spring break Alabama News
Kristin Landers: A spring break worth taking

I invite you to join me in shutting out the noise that bogs us down and focusing on the truth that lifts us up instead. If all I do this week is spend time with the Lord and enjoy my family, that is a spring break worth taking.

Alabama political news vaccine Alabama News
Katrinnah Darden: Free speech for all – Except anti-vaxxers?

Although the First Amendment did not grant an unrestricted license to speak anything, anywhere, it certainly protects the fundamental right to outwardly disagree with or question the government’s point of view.

voting, election Alabama News
Joey Clark: The political elite will always cheat

According to a recent Rasmussen poll, the vast majority of the political elite are choosing to cheat, ready to “set the murderous Machiavel to school” while seeing themselves as far too clever to play by the rules.

Alabama political news border stampede Alabama News
Phil Williams: Our southern border demands a magnificent response

We have been pushed too far. Our sovereign border demands a magnificent response.

Alabama political news mom child Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Complacency takes a back seat to courage

Parents are taking a stand, showing up unafraid to school board meetings, council meetings, and library gatherings. Complacency has taken a back seat to courage and parents are on a mission!

Charles Kiplinger: A revealing glimpse into the election process

As an active participant in the electoral process, I recently delved into the intricate workings of our voting system.

Alabama political news little free library Alabama News
Sean of the South: Birmingham gal

You don’t forget kindness, no matter how small. You don’t forget your friends, no matter how close you were.

Alabama political news door hell Alabama News
Amie Beth Shaver: The immigration door to hell

Let’s be part of the generation that brings order from chaos and demands that immigration’s door to hell be slammed shut once and for all.

Biden Alabama News
Dr. Richard Menger: What history tells us about a U.S. president’s cognitive ability

Joe Biden will be 86 in 2028. Donald Trump will be 78 on election day. How can we verify if our leaders are fit for office? 

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