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willy brandt Alabama News
Will Sellers: Espionage’s unintended consequences

Fifty years ago, Americans were so distracted by Watergate that they failed to notice the unmasking of one of the most consequential spies during the Cold War.

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Justice Will Sellers: John Hancock and the speech that advanced the American fight for liberty

On March 5, 1774 – 250 years ago this month – John Hancock cemented his legacy as a leader of colonial resistance to British rule when he delivered his “Boston Massacre Oration.”

Alabama political news James I Alabama News
Justice Will Sellers: Unleashing the power of free markets

Four centuries ago, England jettisoned restraints on free trade and allowed markets, not monopolies, to regulate the sale of products.

Lenin Alabama News
Justice Will Sellers: Lessons from the death of a tyrant

Vladimir Lenin died 100 years ago this month. An unlikely revolutionary, Lenin’s story was not one of meager beginnings or social depravation. He came from a family of means that had little connection with the proletariat he came to champion.

Monroe Doctrine Alabama News
Justice Will Sellers: The Monroe Doctrine turns 200

For 200 years, the Monroe Doctrine has been a centerpiece of American foreign policy.

Boss Tweed Alabama News
Justice Will Sellers: Boss Tweed and a history of corruption

The largest political corruption trial in history ended 150 years ago with the conviction of one William M. "Boss" Tweed, whose vice was so vast and comprehensive that no one is quite sure of how much money he actually stole.

Mustafa Kemal Alabama News
Justice Will Sellers: The Turkish Republic at 100

Even today, Turkey is a critical and necessary ally. Pausing to look back at their struggles to establish a republic gives us a basis for hope in their future.

Yew Alabama News
Justice Will Sellers: Remembering the life and legacy of Lee Kuan Yew

Meet Lee Kuan Yew, who would have been 100 this month. A visionary leader who contemplated a greatness for his country that few could imagine, he refused to accept the low expectations of his peoples' capabilities, embarking on a mission of almost unachievable goals.

Soviet artefacts Alabama News
Justice Will Sellers: A birthday no one celebrates

One hundred years ago this month, delegates from various parts of the old Russian Empire met in Moscow to create the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The world would never be the same. 

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Justice Will Sellers: 500 years of global trade

With supersonic air travel, it takes less than three days to travel around the world. Five hundred years ago, it took three years.