Rise to the Moment of Truth Sunday, June 23, 2024

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Trump Alabama News
Gerrick Wilkins: Why this RNC delegate proudly supports President Donald Trump

I believe this election is not just another political contest; it is a battle for the soul of our nation.

Gerrick wilkins Alabama News
Gerrick Wilkins: Reclaiming our republic – the urgent call for term limits

Feb. 27, 2024 marks the 73rd anniversary of the 22nd Amendment, reminding us of a fundamental truth: just as term limits are good for a president, they are essential for Congress. 

Alabama political news border crossing Alabama News
Gerrick Wilkins: Alabama rising — boldly defending our borders and the American immigration dream

Today, as a congressional candidate for the sixth congressional district, I’d like to discuss a crucial issue: bolstering our borders while respecting the integrity of legal immigration. 

Tuberville Alabama News
Gerrick Wilkins: Tuberville’s commendable defense of constitutional values in the face of controversy

Tuberville's resolute stance, even in the face of widespread criticism, highlights the importance of having leaders who are willing to protect life and uphold the law.