February 27 marks the 73rd anniversary of the 22nd Amendment, reminding us of a fundamental truth: just as term limits are good for a president, they are essential for Congress. 

As we mark this significant day, let us reflect on the critical need for congressional term limits, a cause I passionately advocate in my new book, "Unshackling Democracy: Embracing Term Limits, Empowering Citizens." 

The American political landscape today is marred by a glaring disconnect between the governed and those in power. This disconnect is not merely a symptom of flawed policy but a consequence of a deeper malaise – the entrenchment of career politicians. The Republic continues, but its soul, embodied in the citizen legislature, is eroding. Our great middle class, once the world's envy, dwindles as special interests, feeding off incumbent politicians, disregard the average American. The result? Higher taxes, lower incomes, and a bloated government that stifles personal liberty. 

The crisis we face is not confined to economic woes. The unchecked invasion at our southern border, amplified by the opioid crisis, is a stark reminder of our eroding way of life. These challenges underscore the urgent need for term limits. Over 80% of Americans support this reform, yet Congress, swayed by lobbyists and special interests, resists change. This resistance not only undermines our republic but also betrays the trust we place in our elected representatives. 

Alabama, where trust in government has recently been breached, should lead this reform. Incumbent politicians like U.S. Rep. Gary Palmer (R-Hoover), who pledged a 10-year limit but now seeks to extend his tenure, exemplify why this change is essential. By embracing term limits, we can ensure our representatives remain true servants of the people, not careerists entrenched in the Washington bubble. 

My commitment to this cause is unwavering. If elected, I will not only serve a maximum of three terms but will actively work towards amending the U.S. Constitution to impose term limits on Congress. This step is vital to shift power back to "we the people" and away from career politicians who cater to special interests.

Additionally, we must enact stringent rules to prevent politicians from profiting from their office, align Congress with the laws it passes, and eliminate loopholes that allow lawmakers and their families to engage in lobbying activities. 

As we reflect on the passage of the 22nd Amendment, let us renew our commitment to the principle of term limits. This is not just a policy change but a restoration of our democratic ideals. It's a recognition that the health of our Republic relies on a government that is of the people, by the people, and for the people. 

The time for action is now. Our country hangs in the balance, and it is up to us, the people of Alabama and the United States, to ensure that our voices are heard, our rights are protected, and our elected officials are held accountable. Let's reattach the strings of our government to the hands of its true puppeteers – the American people. 

Gerrick Wilkins is a Republican Candidate for Alabama's 6th Congressional District and the author of "Unshackling Democracy: Embracing Term Limits, Empowering Citizens."

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