As an elected delegate representing Alabama at the upcoming Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, I am honored to share my unwavering support for President Donald Trump. I believe this election is not just another political contest; it is a battle for the soul of our nation. The stakes have never been higher, and the tactics employed by the radical left to derail Trump’s candidacy are a grave threat to the United States of America. 

Before my election, a party member asked if I would still support Trump if he were a convicted felon. This question stemmed from the dubious trial in New York. My response was clear: while the good of the country and the integrity of the office are paramount, I refuse to be naive about the insidious use of lawfare to remove our candidate through baseless charges.

The case against Trump in New York is nothing short of a travesty. The District Attorney in one of America’s most violent cities has prioritized a personal vendetta over true justice. This D.A. has twisted the law to target Trump in an unprecedented manner, with charges so obscure that no reasonable prosecutor would consider bringing such a ludicrous case. This corrupt prosecutor has elevated what is, at most, a misdemeanor to a felony without clearly identifying the “unlawful means” that supposedly justify these charges. 

To further exacerbate matters, the judge has violated judicial ethics by making political donations to the Biden campaign and other radical left organizations. His daughter, a Democratic operative, has raised millions off this trial. This judge has regularly violated basic rules of law and Trump’s constitutional rights, denying him a proper defense and refusing to allow key witnesses to testify. 

This case is a blatant political witch hunt designed to weaponize our judicial system against a political opponent. It undermines the very foundations of our republic. What is more outrageous are reports that over $17 million in taxpayer money has been paid out on behalf of members of Congress in actual “hush money” cases for sexual harassment. This is far more concerning than Trump legally using his own money on a non-disclosure agreement. 

As a student of history, I see parallels between these tactics and those that contributed to the fall of the Roman Republic. More poignantly, I see parallels to our founding fathers, who were considered criminals by the Crown for daring to stand against tyranny and fight for liberty. Just as they faced unjust persecution, so too does Trump face a coordinated effort to undermine his leadership and vision for America. 

The Democrats seem so desperate to cling to power that they are willing to destroy our country and use our justice system for political retribution. This shows that it’s time to clean house in Washington and across the country, ridding ourselves of the entrenched career bureaucrats in the swamp. 

Our priorities should focus on stopping the invasion at our border, addressing our nation’s $35 trillion debt, restoring our energy independence to combat inflation, and making our country great again. Trump’s leadership previously brought historic tax cuts, a booming economy, and a stronger military, all of which benefited Americans. He renegotiated trade deals to favor American workers, moved the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and took decisive action to protect our borders, which promoted peace throughout the world. He put America first, and he will do it again. 

The lawfare against Trump is an attack on all who believe in freedom, justice and the American way. It is an attack on every American who dares to challenge the status quo and demand a government that works for the people, not the elite. We cannot allow this political persecution to stand. 

I am confident this sham case in New York will be overturned on appeal. The American people are waking up to the corruption and bias that have infected our institutions. We will not be silenced or intimidated. We will stand with Trump and fight for the future of our great nation. 

This is a pivotal moment in our history. The actions we take now will determine the direction of our country for generations to come. We must restore integrity to our government and ensure that America remains the land of the free and the home of the brave. I consider it an honor to represent Alabama at the RNC and vote for Donald Trump to be our next president. 

We must get on our knees and pray for our country and Trump, for these attacks on him will continue to mount until election day. Together, we will Make America Great Again. 

Gerrick Wilkins is the author of Unshackling Democracy, a former congressional candidate, automotive consultant, and Alabama delegate to the Republican National Convention.

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