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Will blakely
Will Blakely: The guardian against misinformation is thinking, not government

We have to be wary of deliberate lies and unintentional misunderstandings, which seem to be prevalent everywhere we turn.

1819 Amie Beth Shaver
Amie Beth Shaver: Homeschool

Do you have your kids' textbooks or access them no matter your school situation? Are you reading what they're reading? Do you know their teachers? Are you talking through what they're learning? Are you prepared to challenge your child, equipping them to defend their beliefs - even in private or Christian schools? Are you doing this?

FM Talk 1065
Ray Melick talks crossover voting by Democrats in the Republican Primary on FM Talk 1065

Listen to 1819 News Editor-in-Chief Ray Melick on The Jeff Poor Show as they discuss crossover voting by Democrats in last week's Republican Primary and the appearance that conservative Alabama doesn't seem to have a fiscally conservative Republican Party.

Stephanie Holden Smith
Stephanie Holden Smith: Tribalism and citizenship

Aren’t individual liberty and freedom two of our most valuable and foundational tenants? What happened to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Are they now antiquated notions in an increasingly global society? We better hope not and we better advocate otherwise. Our republican principles have enabled the greatest political experiment in the history of civilization to succeed and the entire world is better for it.

1819 Joey Clark Brian Moats
Joey Clark: Orwell's lost wager on democracy and socialism

Orwell’s plausible assessment of majority opinion aside, could it not also be said that the trouble with democratic elections is that somebody wins them? Which is worse for the losers: the free competition of the market or the outcomes of democratic elections? Which of the two is truly more dog-eat-dog? Which of the two leads to more centralized, monopoly power — democracy or economic liberty?

Phil williams
Phil Williams: Always remember, and never forget

It is an amazing thing to think that what we have, what we know, and what we so often take for granted came at such a great price.

1819 logo
Readers React to opinions on Ivey winning primary

“I returned to Alabama from Hawaii on February 14 past, after 30-plus years. I’m proud to be back. I also voted for Kay Ivey in the recent primary. I must tell you though, if I had read the recent articles from Caylah and Justin, I most certainly would not have voted for Gov. Ivey. ..."

Gay Pride Rally
Guest Editorial: Ivey's transgender protection did not go far enough

During the most recent broadcast of HBO’s Realtime, Bill Maher posited that there had to be a social component to the general rise of children claiming to be transgender in certain regions of the United States. After noting that there are fewer transgender kids in Youngstown, Ohio, than Los Angeles, Maher quipped, “Either Youngstown is shaming them, or L.A. is creating them.”

Sean of the south
Sean of the South: Texas

Mrs. Welch parked and stared at the brick building in the distance where she’s been teaching for 14 years. She tried to imagine what teachers in Uvalde, Texas, must have been feeling when their sanctuary was invaded by a lone gunman. A gunman who killed 19 students and two teachers.

Richard simmons NEWEST
Richard Simmons: Understanding Vladimir Putin

The world is appalled by the senseless violence and death of innocent citizens in Ukraine. How can Vladimir Putin and the Russian leaders be so cruel and heartless, and have such a low regard for human life? I don’t think it’s difficult to understand.

Justin Bogie Headshot
Justin Bogie: What to expect from four more years of Ivey

What does another four years of Kay Ivey as governor mean for the state of Alabama? Unless a newly elected class of state legislators acts much more conservatively than their predecessors, it will likely mean bigger government, more taxes, and less freedom for Alabamians.

Caylah coffeen new
Caylah Coffeen: Why did Ivey win?

We had a chance to pick another Governor, and we didn’t. We had a ton of alternative, qualified candidates, and Alabama still picked Kay Ivey.

FM Talk 1065
Ray Melick talks Alabama voters' "Low T" on FM Talk 1065

Ray Melick talks Alabama voters' "Low T" on FM Talk 1065

Newstalk 93 1
Ray Melick talks the 2022 primary election results on News Talk 93.1 News & Views

Ray Melick talks the 2022 primary election results on News Talk 93.1 News & Views

Matt Clark
Matt Clark: How the heroes of Benghazi may have saved the Unborn

Today, I want to share a story about two American heroes who laid down their lives to save their friends. But what they didn’t know is that their sacrifice could have saved tens of millions of others.

Kcarl smith new
KCarl Smith: Elon Musk recognizes current state of Democratic Party

Democrats across the country suffered a nervous breakdown when Elon Musk disclosed that he would be voting for Republicans in the next election ─ having voted for only Democrats in the past. Democrats are angry with Musk because he is applying the Scientific Method to how he will cast his vote ─ using critical thinking skills. 

Parker snider
Parker Snider: Even California Democrats are considering how to give money back to the people!

The state of California, like many other state governments which have been bolstered by high spending and federal handouts, is experiencing a budget surplus. For the Golden State, this year’s surplus is a staggering $97 billion.

FM Talk 1065
Ray Melick talks the primary races on FM Talk 1065

Listen to 1819 News Editor-in-Chief Ray Melick on The Jeff Poor Show as they discuss the primary races being decided as they spoke.

Ray Melick
Ray Melick: Thank you for your vote

The truth is, by choosing to not participate in the election process, those people who don’t vote have given those of us who do, power - over their very lives, their laws, their rights, their citizenship.

1819 Joey Clark Brian Moats
Joey Clark: What is history to a hero?

Election days have a way of turning grand pronouncements into self-serving tropes. The more I hear phrases such as “we are at a tipping point” or “this is the most important election ever in history."

Stephanie Holden Smith
Stephanie Holden Smith: False unity and the people of faith

There is no such thing as a "culture war." That’s not to say that we’re not in a surface war with each other in our society, only that the specific term “culture war” is used by opportunists on both sides of the aisle to silence advocates for change.

1819 logo
Readers React: To what to remember when voting and being 'woke'

Our readers react to recent stories or current events:

Phil williams
Phil Williams: Let your voice be heard!

This bad idea, which was poorly executed and fraught with disaster, received such a public outcry that even the usual tone-deaf Biden Administration had to do something. You see, that’s what happens when good people speak out!

Sean of the south
Sean of the South: Sister Angel

I saw her in the supermarket, wearing a dark habit. The old nun was meandering through the aisles, consulting a paper list with a pencil. Her medieval gown looked so wonderfully out of place in our fast-paced modern world.

Ray Melick: Saban never says anything without knowing what he wants to happen

When the most successful football coach in college history accused Texas A&M and Jackson State of (legally) buying players, he did so with a purpose.

Richard simmons NEWEST
Richard Simmons: Protecting our greatest treasure

What we all must realize is that all material objects decrease in enjoyment and satisfaction over time. What this means is that our possessions fail to give us any degree of lasting happiness.

Caylah coffeen new
Caylah Coffeen: Huntsville ranking proves we can change

But even on a small scale, Huntsville’s cultural growth promises that we’ll one day rival Nashville, Atlanta, Austin, and other famous southern cities. But what makes a city great and famous? And how can we plan for a greater future right here in Huntsville?

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