It is ironic and frightening. Authorities that are supposed to protect and help children can sometimes do just the opposite.

Can you imagine?

A worker from the Department of Human Resources comes to check on the well-being of a child in your family. That’s good, or should be. They received a complaint, took it seriously, and came out. Doing their job.

Next thing you know, the loving family of the child is summoned to court. They are having to defend their right to keep that child in their home. Lawyers paid by the state present a case and ask the court to take the child away.

Too many times, the loving, caring family who should be the forever family end up with their child taken away and given over to strangers.

A similar thing can occur when the authority is a medical professional. This is called “medical kidnapping.”  Or an education official. Or a law enforcement officer. Those authorities with taxpayer-funded resources and connections in the judicial system go to battle against a family living on a tight budget and with no influential contacts. Not a fair fight.

And why should it be a fight to begin with?

Examples of authority figures versus families fighting over the lives of children — that’s what the new book is about.

“Voices That Will Not Be Silenced” will be released on April 2 on Amazon and other outlets. It is written by Terri LaPoint, an Alabama writer for Real News Spark, an online publication. It’s a subject that LaPoint has written about for years.

While this is LaPoint’s first full-length book, she has many articles on this topic to her credit. She has served as a volunteer advocate for families fighting for the right to their own children.

The cover sheet summary of the book reads:

Innocent families have nothing to fear when a social worker knocks on their door. At least that is what Angel Mom Kathy Hall believed—until her granddaughter was shipped off to strangers.

Senator Linda Collins-Smith (AK) spent much of her time investigating failures of Child Protective Services, border security, and the possible link between the foster care/adoption system and child trafficking.

Kathy’s desperate Tweet brought the two women together, and they became close friends. Their quest for answers took them from Little Rock to Washington, D.C, speaking out for victims of injustices. A shocking discovery led them to the Senator’s own back yard.

"Voices That Will Not Be Silenced" is a riveting roller-coaster ride, exposing the dark underbelly of agencies that are supposed to protect children. This is the part of the story the media didn’t tell you. What happened to Kathy’s family can, and does, happen to loving families all over America. There are forces in play that do not want you to hear what you will read in these pages.

Will you hear their voices in time to make a difference? The freedom of those being held captive depends upon it.

A commentary on the book was provided by Dr. Gina Gentry Loudon, national TV talk show host, bestselling author and mother of five.

"My friend Terri LaPoint is a tireless warrior for FREEDOM. She pioneered journalistic investigations of 'medical kidnappings' at a time when lamestream media ignored the families crying out for justice. Her passion for truth is tenacious.

“’Voices That Will Not Be Silenced’ is riveting and eye-opening. In this book, Terri connects dots few have dared investigate, but which we must face of we are to stop the rampant trafficking of children right here in America.

"Not only does this book expose wrongdoing, it offers hope to parents who are fighting for their children. It is important that we hear the voices of those who can no longer speak for themselves, and that we work together to make a difference."

"Our kids are not for sale.".  - Connie Reguli, founder of Family Forward Project.

Jim ‘Zig’ Zeigler writes about Alabama’s people, places, events, groups and prominent deaths. He is a former Alabama Public Service Commissioner and State Auditor. You can reach him for comments at

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