The Alabama Democratic Party fully supports the United Auto Workers' (UAW) attempts to unionize the Mercedes-Benz plant in Vance.

UAW has been making a massive push in the state for months as workers gear up for a union vote. Governor Kay Ivey and other state lawmakers have voiced strong opposition to the effort.

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In a recent statement, Alabama Democratic Party chairman Randy Kelley announced the party's support for unionization, calling on leaders "from the State House to the pulpit" to understand the impact of the labor movement.

"Unions have been a vital component of the strides American workers have made in the past century," Kelly said. "Thanks to the union workers, we enjoy workplace breaks, paid vacations and sick leave, minimum wage, the 8-hour work day and so much more. The Democratic Party is the party of labor and it's important we reverse the troubling long-term trend of record profits to the CEOs and shareholders while little goes to the workers building the cars we use on the roads daily."

He continued, "The Eyes of Alabama workers and the Democratic Party will be watching Tuscaloosa over the next few days. Trusted voices, leaders, and elected officials will be called on to show their support for the right to bargain collectively. Representatives of our communities, whose values align with the party, should see this as a call to action. Progressive leaders in the South, from the State House to the pulpit, should know the impact the labor movement can have on the lives of all workers."

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