The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission is being forced to consider license applications from two companies that claim they were rejected due to unforeseen issues with the online submission portal.

Nearly 100 businesses submitted medical cannabis license applications by the deadline of Dec. 30, 2022. However, when Med Shop Dispensary, TheraTrue Alabama and RedBud Remedies went to submit theirs, the companies had issues with the 10-megabyte file size limit, forcing last-minute adjustments.

“Med Shop Dispensary, LLC did not timely file its application. It alleges that this failure resulted because the Commission Website’s electronic portal would not accept a file larger than ten megabytes,” a motion to intervene filed on behalf of Med Shop stated. “Med Shop now seeks to have the Court require the Commission to consider its application despite its failure to comply with the Commission’s rules and instructions.”

A Montgomery Circuit Court judge ruled that the Commission must consider the applications of Med Shop and TheraTrue, but RedBud’s request was denied, according to WSFA.

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