On Sunday, Auburn head basketball coach Bruce Pearl responded to MSNBC host Ayman Mohyeldin's questioning of Israel's tactics in rescuing hostages held by Palestine as the two countries continue to wage war on each other.

Mohyeldin, host of "Ayman," published a monologue on Twitter from his show in which he noted over 200 Palestinians were killed as Israel rescued four hostages that had been held since Hamas attacked Israel in October 2023. The host said the strike on Palestine "should raise moral and ethical questions about its tactics."

In response, Pearl, of Jewish heritage, questioned the "moral and ethical tactics for keeping the hostages in a neighborhood of innocents." He then asked the MSNBC host if he was on Israel's side or Hamas' side.

"I'm sure some of the Palestinians killed were innocent and that's [awful]! But how bout questioning Hamas moral and ethical tactics for keeping the hostages in a neighborhood of innocents!" Pearl wrote on Twitter. "Is it possible the neighbors knew and said nothing? Is it possible they fired upon the IDF when evacuating? How many deaths would you say are acceptable if the IDF rescued the 5 Americans still held? There are two sides to this war, whose side are you on?

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