The Gadsden/Etowah County Emergency Management Agency sent out a message Thursday asking everyone to avoid the area surrounding Walnut Park Elementary School, in Gadsden, after a deadly incident. At least one person was killed.

1819 News reported to the area where there was a heavy police presence and a body covered in a sheet in front of the school. The city of Gadsden Crime Scene Unit responded to the incident.

Gadsden City Schools Superintendent Tony Reddick said he was told a man was aggressively trying to enter the school, and school officials followed protocol to protect all students. The man was shot and killed.

Reddick said the man was trying to get into several doors at the school but he said he didn't know if he was armed.

“I got a call from the principal who was really distraught," said Reddick. "I didn’t know what was going on, but I knew it was something really bad.”

Reddick said the principal of the school reacted fast when she found out someone was trying to get into the school.

"He had no business trying to get inside the building, so she [the principal] immediately called for the kids to be locked down and she called the SRO from what I understand," Reddick said.

The Etowah County Sheriff's Office said all children at the school remained safe and have since been released to their parents.

Reddick said because of the deadly Uvalde, Texas shooting, the school system had already been on high alert.

“One of the things that concerned us in regards to the situation in Texas was, I think it was reported that maybe someone had gone into a building and left the door open," said Reddick. "So, we’ve been very active about that. Our doors are locked. Anyone who does not have a pass… they don’t get in the building. We have cameras, so we can see who’s at the door. They have to be buzzed in or let in.”

“We are very proud of the safety measures we have put in place in our school system to keep our students safe.”

An official at Gadsden City Schools said the school is out for the summer but there is a summer program being held for students at the campus.

Walnut Park Elementary School is located at 3200 Walnut Street, in Gadsden.

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

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