California's loss is Alabama's gain.

As parts of California have deteriorated into lawlessness, Derek Thoms, who owns a chain of laundromats in the San Francisco Bay Area, has moved with his family to Muscle Shoals.

During an appearance on Monday's broadcast of "Cavuto: Coast to Coast" on the Fox Business Channel, Thoms discussed his decision, stating the differences between California and Alabama.

"We moved to Alabama," Thoms said. "Low crime, definitely more strict laws, they're definitely not afraid to put people in jail, smaller community, everyone is very friendly to each other, and you just don't have to deal with all the stuff that comes with California, you know? I mean, you have to be sensitive to everyone in California, especially as a business owner. You even fear saying the wrong thing to somebody and being boycotted out there, you know? It's crazy out there."

Thoms said he will likely sell his laundromats in California but had purchased one with his brother in Alabama.

"If we can restart out here and slowly phase the California ones out, that would be ideal," he added.

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