On Wednesday, the Alabama Policy Institute (API) announced a change in its leadership.

According to a statement from API, the organization's board announced President and CEO Caleb Crosby is planning to step down from his role since August 2014.

Crosby succeeded Gary Palmer, who now represents Alabama's sixth congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives.

According to the announcement from API, during Crosby's tenure, the organization "grew exponentially and made intentional strides to more actively communicate the values and principles of conservatism through a statewide multi-media strategy." Crosby's leadership and vision were also credited for the formation and successful launch of both Rightside Radio and 1819 News. In addition, API created the Alabama Center for Law and Liberty to give Alabama conservatives a voice in the judicial system during Crosby's tenure.

"It has been an honor to lead API in its ongoing pursuit to be the premier resource for conservative policy ideas in the state," Crosby said. "Building upon the accomplishments of the past, API and its subsidiaries have asserted themselves as the authority and voice of conservative principles for the State of Alabama."

"Caleb has been an incredibly innovative leader for API," API Board of Directors chairman Richard Stimpson said. "His years of service have benefitted API and the legacy of his work will benefit the entire state."

The API Board named Stephanie Smith as Crosby's successor.

"Stephanie has been a consistent conservative political voice in the state of Alabama since 1998," the announcement said. "Her professional experience includes serving as Director of Governmental Affairs for Regions Financial, President of the Opelika Chamber of Commerce, Assistant Director of Finance for the State of Alabama, Deputy Director of Finance for the State of Alabama, and as Principal of the Thatcher Coalition."

 "Stephanie has been working alongside the API team since 2021," Stimpson added. "She brings a wealth of political knowledge and decades of practical policy experience to the team. Stephanie is a stalwart for the principles upon which API was founded: free markets, limited government, and strong families." 

Tom Bradford, the founding board chairman, former API Interim President and CEO, and 2021 Alabama Policy Warrior Award recipient, endorsed the decision.

"It's clear that Stephanie is the right person to serve as the next President and CEO of API," Bradford said. "She is grounded in her faith and articulates the positions of the conservative movement with precision and passion."

"I am honored by the confidence of API's leadership and look forward to building upon the successes of the organization by actively engaging elected officials and other Alabamians in substantive public policy conversations," Smith said. "The mission and vision of API are sound and it is my privilege to have the opportunity to champion conservative principles statewide."

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