After Anniston High School canceled its community pep rally and homecoming parade on Thursday following a recent shooting, White Plains High School canceled its matchup against Anniston on Friday. 

Anniston High officials canceled the Thursday night homecoming events. Anniston Police Department (APD) chief Nick Bowles said the decision followed a shooting involving a group of teen girls on Tuesday. 

Bowles said the girls were at the South Highland Community Center along with 30 to 50 other high school students when an altercation broke out between them that escalated into gunfire.

Police believe there were at least three shooters. Police reportedly recovered 50 to 60 shell casings from the crime scene. One girl received non-life-threatening injuries after being hit in the back by crossfire. 

A school resource officer (SRO) with the APD suspected the violence could have continued at the parade and pep rally and informed school officials, who independently decided to cancel the events.

As of Friday morning, Anniston High and White Plains were still slated to play in Anniston. However, according to a Facebook post from Calhoun County Schools, Calhoun County School superintendent Dr. Jose Reyes called the game off. 

According to the post, the game between Anniston and White Plains will be played at a later date. Nevertheless, a Facebook post from Anniston High School claimed White Plains forfeited the game. 

Anniston High continued to celebrate homecoming on Friday night despite the situation, inviting the community to enjoy live music at the football stadium instead.

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