The ex-boyfriend of murdered Florida woman Cassie Carli was booked into the Santa Rosa County Jail in Florida late Sunday night.

Marcus Spanevelo, 34, is charged with destroying evidence and obstructing a criminal investigation. Spanevelo waived extradition so he was transported from Tennessee to Florida.

Carli went missing on March 28 after meeting with Spanevelo to exchange custody of their four-year-old daughter in the parking lot of a restaurant in Navarre, Florida.

Spanevelo told Carli’s father that she asked him to drop her off “in the middle of nowhere in Destin” so she could be with a friend.

Investigators found Carli’s body in a shallow grave on a property off Highway 11 in Springville, Alabama on April 2. According to police, Spanevelo had connections to the area where the body was found.

Spanevelo was arrested in Lebanon, Tennessee by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Tennessee Highway Patrol. Investigators believe he took Carli’s phone and disposed of it. They also believe he lied to authorities on multiple occasions. 

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