A video posted to Twitter on Sunday night shows a confrontation between two individuals on Magnolia Street in Auburn, resulting in one of them being knocked unconscious in a single punch. 

On Sunday, the college-based social media account Old Row posted a video captioned “AUBURN IS BACK.” 

In the video, a male was yelling at a group consisting of two males and two females, apparently next to the iconic Toomer’s Drugs on the corner of Magnolia Street and North College Street. Magnolia Street separates Auburn University from downtown, where several popular student bars are located, such as Skybar, 1716, Southeastern and Moe's Barbecue.

It is unclear what he is screaming or why the confrontation originated, although expletives can be heard. 

But when the screaming male approached the group, one of the girls screamed something back. As she walked away, one of the males in the group stepped forward and punched him in the side of the head. The screaming male then collapsed and landed on the concrete as the group with the individual who threw the punch walked away.

A crowd surrounded the male who took the punch, and someone yelled for someone to call 911. One man appears to roll him over. 

Warning: the following video contains explicit language.

1819 News reached out to the Auburn Police Department to ask about the video, if any arrests had been made and if any information is known about the individual who was rendered unconscious. 1819 News did not receive a response.

Old Row posted several other videos in the comments. One shows two girls fighting on what appears to be Wright Street outside of Skybar.

The other shows a group of young adults crawling out of the trunk of a minivan.

It is not clear when any of the videos were recorded.

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