A group of Christians are planning a gathering on Saturday ahead of the Color Fairhope with Pride Festival. The Baldwin County Conservative Coalition and the Baldwin County Pastor's Group will host the second annual Faith Family Freedom Fest.

Organizers told 1819 News that the purpose was to host a peaceful celebration of the love of Christ as an alternative to the pride event.

Central Community Church pastor Andrew Mullek said the event is meant to be a positive, family-friendly experience. He said it is time Christians take a stand and have the opportunity to celebrate and spread the Word.

"I think the church has their heads in the sand on the social issues and the church is, in a sense, losing a cultural war here," Mullek said. "And so we see the evidence of that manifesting in schools, in libraries, in entertainment and in media."

"Essentially, you have a small group of people that have a disproportionate amount of influence," he continued. "And until we make our presence known, that's going to continue."

Mullek served on the mission field in South Africa for 12 years, and for the past nine years, he has served as a local pastor. He said he hopes the group can offer a protective environment to kids while having conversations that will make an impact.

In 2023, some from the prayer group told 1819 News they witnessed inappropriate items such as condoms and KY Jelly being handed out to children at the pride festival. The groups said they were concerned that children are being indoctrinated with sexually explicit items and images.

The Faith Family Freedom Fest is free to attend from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. at Utopia Park. There will be food, music, children's activities, speakers, prayer and worship.

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