The Mobile City Council tabled a resolution on Tuesday authorizing subpoenas of documents from city officials. The subpoenas are in connection with the special counsel investigation into claims made by former police chief Paul Prine.

Prine said he met with the special investigator last week. He felt the seven-hour interview was objective, and he was able to share a lot of information.

"Seemed to be serious, to the point and objective," he said. "I gave him a lot of information. We shall see just how objective and impartial they will be."

Chief Paul Prine Alabama News
Chief Paul Prine discusses allegations outside of a Mobile City Council meeting on April 30, 2024. Photo: Erica Thomas.

Now, the investigators with Birmingham-based law firm Bradley Arant Boult Cummings are asking for a long list of documents from several city officials, including those related to an agreement between the City of Mobile and 321z Insights LLC, the chain of command at the Gulf Coast Technology Center, a final report on Operation Echo Stop, communication between Prine and the city administration and any written grievances.

They also want documents from the administration on any communications concerning Prine's performance as chief.

City Council attorney Michael Linder said he spoke to the special counsel and the city attorney Monday night, and the resolution was no longer required because the city is cooperating with investigators.

"It appears that special counsel and the city have reached agreement on production of documents and witnesses," Linder said during a pre-council workshop. "So, the special counsel is okay with not issuing subpoenas to the city or to the city employees. That will all be done by agreement and I believe they have more or less reached agreement on that."

Linder said the special counsel still needs a resolution to authorize subpoenas to the non-city entities, which are Prine and 321z Insights LLC. Any future resolutions needed for subpoenas will be considered in two weeks.

Prine publicly stated there were possible improprieties among city administrators after he was placed on administrative leave earlier this year. He has detailed some of his allegations, and the special counsel investigation will focus on those. The council has approved spending a total of $200,000 on the 45-day investigation.

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