As stated in yesterday’s article, there is great sadness over the devastating reality of the COVID catastrophe, and it must be dealt with differently than anything that Alabama has dealt with before. The truth must be told. We must move on, grappling with what has happened, but we can't begin until we accept the responsibility of acknowledging how we got here. And we're not going to do this until Dr. Scott Harris is gone! 

As promised, here is a sampling of COVID-related scientific critiques with references for the public – something long overdue. 

  • Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville appropriately asked the NIH/FDA/CDC in a fall 2021 U.S. Senate hearing why there were more COVID deaths in 2021 than there were in 2020. Something has gone wrong from the beginning.

  • The generational harms to children through the injurious policies promoted by teachers' unions and governmental edicts are unavoidable. It's obvious that the teachers' unions don't care about children. The loss in learning opportunities during early childhood is unforgivable, as well as the damages done by the experimental shots. In the past whenever we experimented on pregnant women or children we were very cautious. We obviously don't play by the same rules now. [See: Teachers Union President Weingarten Testifies on COVID-19 School Closures.] As the county health officer for 65 of 67 counties, Dr. Harris is the lead adviser to the school boards, and he utterly failed our children as such.

  • Masks were a symbolic attempt to muzzle reality, but like their efficacy against COVID, they can't stop the sound of truth. According to experts, the highest level of approval of treatments has been the Cochrane Review, and three to four months ago they came out (after highly questionable delays) confirming what we've known from studies as far back as 75 years: MASKS DON'T WORK! But they sure do cause subconscious fears to be manipulated. [See: Robert W Malone - Cochrane Review Respiratory Viruses and CDC Recommends Wearing Masks Six Months a Year.] As a sign of the times, I personally saw Dr. Harris walking on the sidewalk alone downtown wearing his surgical mask – 'nuf said.

  • Another well-known “trick” played on humanity was the rejection of repurposed drugs in order to maintain the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) status of the shots, monoclonal antibodies, Paxlovid ... all of which yielded huge dividends for their producers. The fraudulent attack against hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) resulted in the hugely embarrassing withdrawal of an article from the hallowed “New England Journal of Medicine” (NEJM) and “The Lancet.” Similar things happened to ivermectin (IVM), the most studied drug in history that has the best safety profile. Based on real science IVM has over 25 known mechanisms of action against COVID. [See: European Parliament Testimony Recap - FLCCC | Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance at the 14-minute mark.] Any person can go to the website (the most valuable site for evaluating various agents) and review the data of over 40 agents used to treat COVID and see the evidence for themselves. As Dr. Peter McCullough and others have proved, more than 85% of people who died from COVID could have been saved with early outpatient treatments! 

  • "The vaccines are completely safe and effective!" They've known from the beginning that they are not safe. [See the confidential Pfizer/FDA report from Feb. 28, 2021.] In the September 2022 issue of the preeminent jab journal “Vaccine,” a reanalysis of the original “trials” concluded, “Combined, there was a 16% higher risk of serious adverse events in mRNA vaccine recipients: risk difference 13.2 (95% CI −3.2 to 29.6); risk ratio 1.16 (95 % CI 0.97 to 1.39).” No wonder they asked a judge to give them 75 years to release all the data (that they compiled in eight months the previous year). They are not effective! [See: A Colossal Failure Around the World - by Colleen Huber NMD.]

  • A month ago, our study was a featured article in the esteemed Association of American Physicians and Surgeons journal, showing the astounding reality of the dangers to women and their babies from these experimental biological injections. One of the many examples of the dangers detailed in our paper showed that the COVID shots cause a 57-fold (5700%) increase in miscarriages compared to the flu shot. [See: thorp.pdf (]

  • Another important reason for the clarion call to replace the current “public health” apparatus is that fertility rates in highly vaccinated countries around the world show historic alarming declines compared to countries that did not coerce their women to receive the shots. [See: Birth Rates Plunge in Heavily Vaccinated Countries.]

  • How does an infectious disease expert like Dr. Harris not know that natural immunity is effective? In fact, he does know, as does Anthony Fauci, who said so. The role of natural immunity was completely ignored by public health officials for some reason. A 2019 “Nature” journal article showed that people infected with SARS-1 in 2002-2003 still had robust protection. Of course, data has confirmed repeatedly since 2021 that natural immunity is superior to that “produced” by the shots. In fact, the shots injure the immune system, not only against infections of different types but also against cancer protection.

  • In October 2020, before the shots were unleashed, none other than the “NEJM” published a three-page article stating that six criteria must be met before the shots could be considered for being mandated, and overarching all six is the absolute requirement for informed consent. (This article was given personally to each physician on the board of MASA in June of 2021.) Needless to say, informed consent has never been a part of this experiment, and the other six weren't met either. So ANY organization that coerced people, in any way, to get the shots should be found guilty of crimes against humanity. Thankfully more and more legal cases (brought about by such organizations as Liberty Counsel) are consistently being won by those who were so mistreated. [See: What Can The US Senate Teach Us about the Dangers of the COVID-19 Vaccines?.]

  • The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) was designed for the government to detect “signals” from vaccines after they were deployed to the public. The safety signals since January 2021 have been astronomical: the average deaths reported from vaccines before 2020 was 157 per year. They knew of that number within a week of the rollout. But there was too much money and damage to be done. According to the CONFIDENTIAL memo from Feb. 28, 2021, there were 1,223 deaths from Pfizer's shots alone. According to the law, if a person develops an adverse event after receiving a vaccine, the entity that administered it must put the injury or death into the VAERS. This has not been promoted.

Dr. Harris learned nothing as evidenced by his incessant repetition of the obvious failings of the WHO/NIH/FDA/CDC narrative – despite the destruction and death of the COVID catastrophe. He refused to budge.  

I’m an Auburn fan who has learned the hard way over the past couple of years about suffering through a coach who couldn't adapt to the challenges of the SEC. In the same way, we should have cut bait with Harris and hired a true scientist like Dr. Joseph Lapado of Florida. 

Let's not waste any more time! Send the moving truck and let Harris make millions working for Pfizer, but please have him do it somewhere else so he won't continue to be appalled by the people he was supposed to be serving. Be gone, Dr. Harris!

Dr. Tankersley is a fourth-generation physician serving in the Montgomery area. He also served on three deployments in the U.S. Army’s Medical Corp, retiring in 2021 as a Colonel in the Alabama Army National Guard. In 2012, Gov. Robert Bentley appointed him to a five-year term on the Alabama Ethics Commission, and in 2020, Gov. Kay Ivey appointed him to the state’s vaccine working group. Besides being involved in church activities, Dr. Tankersley enjoys reading and spending time with his family. 

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