Former Limestone County Sheriff Mike Blakely will begin his 36-month jail sentence in the Franklin County Jail on Friday, February 24.

Blakely, convicted on ethics charges, posted a message to his supporters on Facebook.

"I'm still in the fight of my life," he wrote. "It seems like I'm in a race with no finish line, but I am humbled beyond anyone's imagination for the outpouring of support and kindness shown by so many friends and supporters."

Blakely went on to say he would continue to fight.

Blakely had been the sheriff since 1983 when he was arrested and booked into his own jail in August 2019. Court proceedings revealed Blakely took over $29,000 of inmate money and wrote IOU notes that accumulated in an office safe.

The case remained in headlines after it was discovered the judge who heard the case had an inactive law license. Attorneys for Blakely are challenging the conviction due to the unintended oversight, but the court already denied an appeal in October 2022 when the defense claimed insufficient evidence.

Last year, Blakely capitalized on the conviction by releasing a book about his story. The book, co-written by Jacquelyn Procter Reeves, is about Blakely's 38 years in law enforcement and the challenges he said he faced as sheriff. The book is available on Amazon.

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