Since the tallying of results for the May 24 Republican primary, some of the candidates on the short end of outcomes have alleged that Democrats participated in their respective contests and impacted the election.

Two contests in this category include the State Senate District 27 Republican primary and the U.S. Senate primary.

The result has been a push for a closed primary system in Alabama, which would have to be done through an act of the Alabama Legislature.

At Thursday's monthly Azalea City Republican Women's Club meeting in Mobile, the two candidates vying for the GOP's nod for Secretary of State, Alabama's top election official, have said they support the closed primary push.

According to Secretary of State candidate State Rep. Wes Allen (R-Troy), the action is needed to prevent Democrats from meddling in Republican primaries.

"What that has to do, as far as I understand how Republican Party policy works, is it has to go before ALGOP and go before them for a resolution, and the resolution will be presented to the state legislature," Allen said. "From there, I think it goes to our county parties, as well. That's a big issue coming up now is about closed primaries. I think we definitely need to take a look at it. We definitely need to keep Democrats out of our primaries, right? We can't let those liberals into our primaries. So, certainly, we absolutely need to take a look at that and see if we can get that done. But it will take a legislative act."

Allen's opponent in the June 21 runoff election, State Auditor Jim Zeigler, said he also supports closed party primaries.

"We do not need Democrats voting in the Republican primaries," Zeigler stated. "We do not need Democrats trying to elect the most liberal of the Republican candidates in our primary. That's not right. The reason that we have a primary is to nominate the Republican candidate for the November general election. Only Republicans should nominate the Republican nominee. This will have to be a legislative act. But the party can initiate the process by a resolution at the state party and in the county parties. But that is not binding. The state legislature would have to make us a closed primary state."

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