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By Brandon Moseley

On Friday, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey (R) announced that Gina Maiola will serve as the Governor’s communications director. Maiola has been the governor’s press secretary.

Leah Garner, who was the governor’s communications director, accepted an opportunity in the private sector.

“I am proud to announce Gina Maiola has been promoted to communications director,” Ivey said. “Gina has been a major asset to the administration since my very first day as governor. Gina is well respected, has strong relationships with media outlets across the state, and I am confident she will continue to do extremely good work in her new role.”

Maiola has been the governor’s primary spokesperson since June 2019. Maiola worked closely with Ivey through a variety of issues. Prior to her promotion to press secretary, Maiola was deputy press secretary for communications for Ivey. In that capacity, Maiola functioned as the chief speechwriter, advising the governor on speeches such as her 2019 state of the state address, where Ivey famously championed the Rebuild Alabama Act.

Maiola has served in a variety of capacities in Ivey’s Press Office, beginning in an entry-level position and rising to communications director.

Maiola has a 2016 bachelor of arts degree in communication and information sciences along with University Honors from the University of Alabama.

Maiola’s appointment was effective October 16, 2021.

Gov. Kay Ivey is seeking a second term as Governor. The Republican primary is May 24, 2022.

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