By Brandon Moseley

On Friday, the Alabama Secretary of State’s office updated the campaign finance reports through November. Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey (R) continues to dominate the campaign fundraising battle as she seeks a second term as governor of Alabama.

The incumbent governor had $176,235.81 at the beginning of the year. She has raised $3,029,904.80 in contributions, has spent $693,731.01 on her campaign to this point, and entered December with $2,512,409.73 in cash on hand.

Lee County Pastor Dean Odle (R) entered the year with $2,449.07 in his campaign account and has raised another $47,793.76 in contributions. Odle has spent $53,555.02 on his campaign thus far and has other receipts of $15,000 to enter the month with $11,687.81. Odle also reported non-monetary contributions of $9,636.16. Odle has been strongly critical of Ivey, as well as the COVID-19 vaccine.

Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler (R) reports having received $23,321.94 in contributions. He has spent $3,891.85 and entered December with $19,430.09. Zeigler also reports non-monetary contributions of $2,472. Zeigler is term-limited from running for another term as State Auditor. Zeigler is campaigning for governor, and fundraising, but has not yet made a decision on whether or not he will run for governor.

Robert Lew Burdette (R) reports having raised $40,444 in contributions. Burdette has spent $16,043.19 on his campaign thus far and has other receipts of $500 for a Dec. 1 balance of $24,900.81. Burdette is the President of the King's Home in Chelsea. The 1819 News has reached out to Burdette to find out more about his candidacy and hopes to have more to report in coming days.

Former Morgan County Commissioner Stacy Lee George (R) has raised $2,150 and has spent $27.64. He entered December with $2,122.36. George reports $339.10 in non-monetary contributions. George lost the Republican primary to Bentley in 2014.

Dothan-area LGBTQ activist Chris Countryman is the only announced Democratic candidate in the race to this point. Countryman has not raised enough money to be required to file a report with the Alabama Secretary of State’s office.

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Greenville businessman Tim James (R) announced on Saturday that he has filed a preliminary report with the Alabama Secretary of State’s office. James has been actively campaigning for a month, but Saturday’s news means that he is now accepting contributions. James lost the 2002 Republican primary to then-Congressman Bob Riley (R-AL03) and lost the 2010 GOP Primary to eventual winner Robert Bentley. James is the son of former Gov. Fob James (R).

CNN is reporting that former Ambassador to Slovenia Lynda Blanchard (R) is going to switch from the U.S. Senate race to the governor’s race and challenge Ivey in the Republican primary. There are unconfirmed reports that this move could happen within the next 10 days. Blanchard has acknowledged that she is contemplating a move to the governor’s race. There are media reports that former President Donald J. Trump (R) will endorse Blanchard if she runs for governor.

It is believed that Blanchard and James would be able to largely self-fund their campaigns.

Qualifying with the Alabama Democratic Party begins on Monday. Republican qualifying will not begin until January. There are unconfirmed reports of other candidates potentially mulling over entering the 2022 gubernatorial race. Major party qualifying will not end until Jan. 28.

The major party primaries are on May 24, 2022.

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