Last week, Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Katie Britt dominated the map by winning 62 of Alabama's 67 counties in the GOP primary.

Despite charges that part of her 100,000-vote margin plurality was a product of Democrat crossover voters, Britt won counties, including Geneva and Winston Counties, that do not have many Democrat voters.

During an interview that aired Tuesday on Montgomery radio's NewsTalk 93.1, Britt credited her strength in those parts of the state to being willing to listen to the challenges of voters in those areas, including those resulting from the Biden economy.

"Geneva County, for instance, you mentioned that -- I did a campaign stop both in Sampson and in Geneva," Britt explained. "I guarantee you no other Senate candidate even showed their face down there. People notice that. I mean, people want to be seen, and they deserve to be seen. You know, you mentioned Winston County. I believe that that was President Trump's top county in the 2020 election. Let me tell you, there was forum after forum in Winston County -- everything from the chitlin festival to the women's federation forum, and going and sitting down and being on the radio there.

"Those people matter, and when you listen to people across the state, and you hear what they're concerned about, I mean, Jeff, inflation is hitting everybody. I was in Eastaboga there in Talladega County, right there next to Calhoun County. We were visiting with so many veterans, and so many people were talking to me about how they are having to go back to work after retiring, after serving our nation because they can't pay their power bill."

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