By Erica Thomas, Managing Editor

U.S. Senate candidate Katie Britt spoke to media Thursday during an appearance on The Trussville Tribune’s show, Tribune Unscripted.

Britt is running to fill the seat of retiring Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Alabama). The Republican candidate talked about issues she thinks need to be addressed in Washington.

Britt said inflation and supply chain issues would be two of the first things she would tackle if she's elected to the Senate. She blamed the Biden administration and the Democrats for “failed leadership.”

“Secure our supply chain,” Britt said. “When it comes to medicine, and medical equipment and things that we need and the defense [of our nation], our farming, making sure that we can produce the food that we need here in this country, these are all of the things that we need to be taking a look at and making sure we can do here in America.”

Britt said she wants to see the nation’s economy rebound.

“When you look at inflation, the Biden administration is a complete and total disaster,” Britt said.

Serious issues, including the border crisis and the drug problem in the nation, are things Britt said she is ready to talk about.

“We have projected such weakness and an open-border policy,” Britt said. “We must put back in Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy. Even after Gov. Abbott got the courts to tell the Biden administration they had to put that back into place, really they literally just slow-walked it.”

No matter what your political affiliation, Britt said she wants people to realize it’s important to "seal and secure the border" with a wall and enforce strict policies.

“What we are seeing is not only a crisis in that way but also a humanitarian crisis,” said Britt. “I mean, there are so many drugs and people being smuggled across this border, it is disgusting.”

Britt said projecting strength is an important aspect in national security, and she said that also involves dealings with China. As the trade deficit with China has continued to climb during the Biden administration, Britt said she believes it is time for a change. She said she wants that country to be held accountable for stolen intellectual property, unfair markets, and for the origin of the coronavirus.

“China is literally undermining this country at every single turn,” said Britt.

She said hardworking Alabamians are seeing the impact of China’s heavy production of goods brought into the U.S.

“I mean, you look at Gulf Coast shrimpers, you look at our steel manufacturers, you look at ... buying up our farmland. I mean, China is buying that up in record rates,” Britt said. “And so, we have to have leadership that will hold them accountable.”

Britt said when President Donald Trump was in office, he gave American workers the opportunity to compete, and that is what she wants to fight for in Congress. She said she also supports law enforcement, protecting the unborn, and standing with Israel.

“These are things that are part of America and should be,” Britt said. “Unfortunately, the liberal left is trying to pick these things away day in, and day out, and we must stand strong.”

Britt faces a crowded Republican primary field that includes: U.S. Army veteran Mike Durant, businesswoman Jessica Fair Taylor, and Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL05). Former Brighton Mayor Brandaun Dean is running for the Democratic Party nomination for U.S. Senate.

Britt said she has been all around the state and talked to individuals in Alabama. In fact, by the end of the weekend, she said she will have visited every county. Part of her campaign includes listening to every person, whether they are a child, an adult, a small business owner or the leader of a large corporation.

“I am born and raised in Alabama and it is something that I am incredibly proud of,” said Britt. “I believe we have a great state with great people and we have a great story to tell.”

The Primary Election is May 24, 2022.

A new poll by McLaughlin & Associates, commissioned independent from any campaign or entity that supports a candidate in the race, showed Brooks with a 5.2% lead over Britt in the U.S. Senate race.

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