“We are here to honor law enforcement.”

By Brandon Moseley

The Young Republicans of St. Clair County met for a special meeting on Thursday, Sept. 30, 2021, to honor law enforcement at the Pell City Steakhouse. St. Clair County Sheriff Billy Murray was in attendance and he expressed his appreciation for deputies and police officers across the state.

St. Clair Young Republicans Chairman Logan Glass said, “We are here to honor law enforcement.”

Glass praised two young members of the group, one, a Mr. Jackson, who is interning with the Hoover Police Department, and another who was recently hired by the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department.

“Nick Lee is our Treasurer,” Glass said. “Nick works in the jail and hopes to get on the road in the next couple of years.

“He is very passionate about this county. He does a great job,” Glass said introducing the featured speaker, Sheriff Murray.

“It is so great to see that hard work and the enthusiasm,” Murray said, praising the Young Republicans. “I personally appreciate it.

“This job is not complicated, but you can make it complicated in a hurry,” Murray said. “I am very pleased with what I see across this state.”

Murray denounced the increasing polarization in the country.

“We are one country and one people,” Murray said. “Where did we get the idea if someone has a different opinion, they are our enemy. I don’t hold with that.”

District Attorney Lyle Harmon also spoke at the event.

“I work with Lyle, we are the dynamic duo,” Murray added. “He is the perfect partner for the Sheriff’s office.”

The Sheriff’s Department investigates the crime and the District Attorney’s Office then prosecutes the crime.

“We have an excellent set of elected officials, and we work together,” Murray said, praising the St. Clair County Commission.

“We must engage and participate in our community,” Murray said of law enforcement. “If you have a business in my community, if you sell pies in our community I am going to be there if I can. We must communicate our message and be involved in our community.

“It is an honor to serve as your sheriff,” Murray said. “I knew from an early age that this is what I wanted to do.”

“I want to thank the Young Republicans for having this event,” Harmon said. “Our nation and our nation’s media want to tell us who our heroes are: athletes and movie actors. It is hard for me to describe them as heroes. For those members of law enforcement who are here. I truly believe that you are heroes.”

“John Wayne said that ‘courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway,” Harmon continued. “I believe that is correct. Courage really is saddling up and leaving your family to go to work, not knowing for sure that you are coming back. They answer the 911 call not knowing what is there waiting for them. They kick in the door not knowing what is in there. They do it for us.”

St. Clair County has less crime than many jurisdictions in the state or nation.

“We are blessed by the lack of crime because of the men that fight it every day,” Harmon added. “I am so proud to be your District Attorney and I promise you that I have your back,” Harmon told the law enforcement officers there. “I have your back and I promise not to let you guys down.”

“I want to continue to serve as District Attorney,” Harmon said referencing the upcoming Republican primary on May 24, 2022. “Right now, I am unopposed but if that changes, I want your vote.”

“You guys are under attack by AOC, the squad, and the Biden administration every day,” Chairman Glass said of law enforcement.

Secretary of State John H. Merrill was also at the event. He said when he heard about the event honoring law enforcement, he wanted to make it a priority to attend.

“There are very few professions where you know that because of their profession that they might not be coming home today,” Merrill said.

Merrill said that his office supported legislation to remove the names and addresses of members of law enforcement from the voter rolls and that that legislation will prevent people from being able to use the voter rolls to find law enforcement members and their loved ones.

“I want to thank you for doing such a sacrificial job,” Merrill said. “You certainly don’t do it for the pay or the benefits.”

Less than 24 hours after this event honoring law enforcement, Sheffield K-9 officer Sergeant James “Nick” Risner was mortally wounded in a gun battle with a dangerous ex-convict in Muscle Shoals. Risner died from his wounds the next day.

Chairman Logan Glass said that October’s meeting will feature a debate between all of the announced GOP State Auditor candidates. That October meeting will be at the City Market Grill, in Pell City.