Citizens in Cullman want to know what is going on after news that hundreds of Haitians lined up at the Cullman Career Center for jobs this week.

The Cullman Daily News reported that a source at the Topre America Corporation, an automotive manufacturing plant, said the immigrants were moved to Cullman for work at the Topre plant.

CDN reported that the Haitians have been dropped off from buses every morning since May 3. While the Cullman Tribune reported that no buses or vans were involved, Topre has put translators in place due to language barrier challenges.

State Rep. Corey Harbison (R-Good Hope) told 1819 News that he was skeptical about the rumors he had heard. He said while Topre is likely hiring more people, including immigrants, he doesn't believe immigrants are being bussed in by the hundreds.

Harbison said he is not aware of any state program to employ immigrants in Cullman, but he plans to look into the issue further. However, he noted that Topre is a very large company that needs workers.

"They couldn't find any more help and our unemployment is low," Harbison told 1819 News. "I mean, anybody that halfway wants a job can get one and so I do know that everybody's struggling to find employees."

Furthermore, Harbison said Topre has been one of the largest employers in the area for over two decades. He believes they would ensure all actions are done legally.

"I've never heard anything negative about them," he said of Topre. "They've been in our community for 20-plus years and they've expanded multiple times. They've brought tons of jobs into the community."

Some citizens are concerned and want to know what program brought the immigrants into Cullman. Many Haitian immigrants left Haiti to escape rampant violence and political unrest.

The office of U.S. Rep. Robert Aderholt (R-Haleyville) promised to look into the matter and respond to a media inquiry by 1819 News sometime Thursday.

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