There is no Libertarian primary voting today, but in November, candidates representing the Libertarian Party will be represented on the ballot in the general election.

Sources told 1819 News on Monday that the Alabama Libertarian Party gained ballot access in the Nov. 8 general election, and Alabama Secretary of State John H. Merrill (R) confirmed it.

Merrill said that the Libertarian Party has until August to announce its formal slate of candidates. The Alabama Libertarian Party website already lists 69 candidates for the general election.

The Alabama Republican and Democratic Parties' primaries are being held today.

Alabama Libertarian Party Chairman Gavin Goodman said that the party has turned in the required number of ballot access petitions necessary for ballot access, but the Alabama Libertarian Party has not yet received confirmation from the Alabama Secretary of State’s office.

Goodman told 1819 News that the names on their website are their candidates for office and that the Secretary of State was mistaken.

Included on the Libertarian ticket are former Birmingham City Councilman Jimmy Blake running for governor and former Auburn University professor John Sophocleus running for U.S. Senate.

Although Republican candidates are expected to raise significant amounts of money for their campaigns, Goodman expressed confidence in the support Libertarian candidates will receive.  

“[It will] depend on the candidate and the race,” Goodman said. “Statewide, I think we are going to do very well in fundraising.”

To learn more about the Alabama Libertarian Party, visit its website.

The Nov. 8 general election will now include candidates from the Alabama Republican Party, the Alabama Libertarian Party, and the Alabama Democratic Party. While the party primaries require that a candidate receive 50% of the vote plus one to get the nomination, there is no such requirement in Alabama’s general election races, so the winners are simply the candidates that get the most votes. A majority is not required.

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