Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn has endorsed former State Sen. Dick Brewbaker (R-Montgomery) in the race for Alabama's newly drawn second congressional district.

"Dick has been fighting the liberal agenda and liberal special interests for his entire career," Flynn wrote in a letter Monday. "He has built his career in this district and understands what it takes to make this district successful."

"We also know we can trust his word," the letter continued. "He took a pledge to serve two terms in the state senate, and he honored it. Most politicians only talk the talk, but Dick Brewbaker is a statesman who walks the walk."

Brewbaker served in the Alabama Senate from 2010 until 2018.

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Brewbaker announced the endorsement during a speech Monday at the Mobile County Republican Party Executive Committee meeting. He said his refusal to run for a third Senate term was proof his word is true.

"I really wanted to run again, but I would rather keep my word in good condition because it's really all you have if you're asking people to cast their vote for you and they believe what you say," Brewbaker said. "I hope that gives you some confidence and you believe what I'm telling you. There are three things I chose for my campaign: liberty, security and limited government."

Flynn continued his letter by pointing out a voter ID policy Brewbaker championed.

"He sponsored and passed a Voter ID bill to put an end to the type of election rigging that allowed the election to be stolen from Donald Trump," Flynn wrote. "I wholeheartedly support Dick Brewbaker and hope you do the same."

The Republican primary is scheduled for March 5.

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