Former Congressman Mo Brooks is calling for an in-person hearing to oppose the "frivolous complaint" filed against him by Alabama State Department of Education vice president Wayne Reynolds.

Last week, 1819 News reported on the ethics complaint filed against Brooks for comments he made on a radio program, claiming Chinese Communist interference played a role in his failed Senate bid in 2022.

"This report indicates Mo Brooks asserts Alabama Republicans were influenced and/or deceived by Communist China and voted based on the actions and influence by the Communist Chinese," Reynolds' complaint reads. "This is unethical behavior that harms the Alabama Republican Party and impugns the validity of our Party election process."

Attached to Reynolds' complaint was the original article from 1819 News that detailed Brooks' remarks and attached audio from his radio segment.

In his response to the complaint, Brooks calls the 1819 News article "sensationalized" and "opinion," despite the fact the majority of the article was a quotation of his remarks.

"Wayne Reynolds' Complaint should be dismissed as meritless on its face because it is based on an 1819 News news/opinion article (attached to the complaint) in which the few actual quotes by me state, in substance and effect," Brooks response reads.

It continues, "For emphasis, Jeff Poor's sensationalized opinions about what my remarks might mean are just that: opinions, and the Ethics Committee should look at my actual verbatim remarks, not some writer's interpretations that, in the media business, are often intended to sensationalize and be "click bait" to maximize hits and media profits."

Brooks also reiterated that his statements did not suggest China backed any particular candidate. Instead, he claimed that China had a vested interest in seeing him not elected.

"Wayne Reynolds complaint should be dismissed on its face because it offers ZERO evidence that my remarks were knowingly false or, for that matter, untrue in any way, shape or form," Brooks continued. "Rather, Wayne Reynolds' disgruntlement is based entirely on his contrary opinion and dislike of my opinion. As the accuser, Wayne Reynolds has the burden to properly allege and prove a factual basis for a violation of ALGOP's Ethics Rules . . . and he did not so allege and he can not so prove."

The proposed date for the hearing is June 25, with June 19 as a proposed backup date.

The ethics meeting will give Reynolds, along with Elbert Peters and Angela Broyles, who joined the complaint, 30 minutes to present their case. After examination, Brooks will have an equal amount of time to defend himself.

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