MOBILE — Alabama's port city is a sister city to Ariel, Israel, and Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson has voiced support for families there since the October 2023 terrorist attacks. However, that support has not been monetary, despite some recent rumors.

Citizen Rev. Tonny Allgood, a United Methodist pastor and member of the Alabama Poor People's Campaign, questioned the council about rumors he's heard and asked if Mobile City police officers have been sent to Israel.

Councilwoman Gina Gregory said no officers or money have been sent to Israel.

"Reverend, Reverend, I have told you, we are not talking about that," said Gregory. "You need to move on to what your other topics are."

Councilman Joel Daves said he had heard the rumors elsewhere.

"Rev. Allgood is not the only person I've heard say that the city has invested or given or something $2.8 million to Israel," said Daves. "And I want to ask the administration if they are aware of any money that has gone to support Israel."

The administration said no money has gone to Israel.

"That's exactly what I thought," Daves added. "Thank you. So, if that idea is out there, it's wrong. It's wrong."

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The sister cities work together on ideas and support. Stimpson told 1819 News in October that he did reach out to Ariel Mayor Eli Shaviro and offered prayers.

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