The Montgomery Police Department held a press conference Wednesday to announce recent drug-related arrests by its Special Ops team.

Chief Darryl Albert said his department is focusing on drug crimes in full force to make sure citizens feel safe.

"There's a direct correlation between narcotics and violent crime in our community, and we will do everything in our power, working with local, state and federal partners, to do what we can to get narcotics off the street and get these criminals put away," said Albert.

Capt. G.C. Russell said Delvin Powell, 39, and Victor Ortiz, 44, are charged with trafficking illegal drugs.

Ortiz, who is from Douglas, Ga., was taken into custody during a detail investigating a large amount of methamphetamine that was to be sold in Montgomery, Russell said.

Powell was arrested during a gang unit investigation. The unit encountered Powell and seized over $40,000 and hundreds of pills that were determined to be illegal narcotics, including hydrocodone, oxycodone and Percocet.

Powell and Ortiz were arrested a week apart. According to Albert, many more arrests are expected as investigators continue their work.

"When folks are on narcotics and are dependent on narcotics, they will break into your home, they will rob you, and they will steal from you, and you become a victim of circumstance," Albert added.

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