U.S. Rep. Barry Moore (R-Enterprise) signed a letter led by U.S. Rep Andy Bigs (R-Texas) condemning the United States' recent abstention on a vote that called for an "immediate ceasefire" in Gaza.

This abstention in the United Nations Security Council, they said, undermines Israel's right to defend itself and respond to the terror attacks from October 7, 2023. It also undermines their ability to find and rescue the hostages, several of whom are American citizens, taken by Hamas.

Moore said, “Israel has been our trusted ally for more than 75 years, but President Biden is damaging our relationship by allowing his radical Democrat voter base to sway his foreign policy,”

“Hamas killed 1,200 Israeli citizens and took hundreds of hostages, including several American citizens, and they have no intention of ending their repeated assault on Israel," he added. "The United States should continue to support Israel rather than undermining them as they fight for their very existence."

The letter explained what the repercussions could be by saying, "An immediate ceasefire in the region would allow Hamas to reorganize and re-arm. This ceasefire represents nothing more than an extension of the Biden Administration’s failed appeasement tactics in the region, further emboldening Hamas and its allies to resume its horrible attacks."

"The recent actions of your Administration have significantly strained our relationship with one of America’s closest allies and led Prime Minister Netanyahu to cancel his visit to the United States," the letter continues. "We urge you to support Israel in its fight against Hamas and stop undermining them on the world stage."

Barry Moore Letter by bradley.cox on Scribd

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