Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey (R) announced on Wednesday that Niagara Bottling LLC, one of the nation’s leading beverage manufacturers, is planning to open a new production facility in Opelika. The investment in the state is expected to bring in an estimated $112 million and create 50 jobs. The bottling plant will be located in the Northeast Opelika Industrial Park along Interstate 85.

“Niagara Bottling’s decision to locate its new production facility in Opelika is a testament to Alabama’s strong business climate and the many advantages we can offer companies looking to energize their growth plans,” Ivey said. “Niagara Bottling is making a significant investment to launch this operation, and we are happy that the company chose to do it in Sweet Home Alabama.”

California-based Niagara Bottling has been family-owned and operated since 1963.  It operates bottling facilities throughout the U.S. and Mexico. The company works closely with some of the largest retailers, grocers, club and convenience stores throughout the country.

Brian Hess is an executive vice president at Niagara Bottling.

“We value the highly competitive and attractive combination of location, infrastructure, logistics and workforce in Opelika,” said Hess. “Niagara has built a strong team and community relationships throughout the United States and looks forward to maintaining our leadership in the areas of manufacturing, innovation, supply chain and overall environmental stewardship.”

Economic developer Dr. Nicole Jones told 1819 News, “Niagara Bottling ... prides itself on delivering quality bottled water through the utilization of state-of-the-art purification, filtration, and disinfection technologies. With its commitment to corporate social responsibility, Niagara Bottling plans to get involved in positive community efforts in the Opelika area. The manufacturing and supply chain related jobs created by Niagara Bottling, as well as their company culture, will be a wonderful addition to Lee County and our entire state.”

Greg Canfield is the Secretary of the Alabama Department of Commerce.

“The top-level priorities of Alabama’s economic development team are creating meaningful job opportunities for citizens around the state and bringing in new investment to invigorate communities,” Canfield said. “We look forward to seeing Niagara Bottling grow and thrive in Opelika because that perfectly aligns with our strategic economic development objectives.”

Gary Fuller is the Mayor of Opelika.

“It is truly an honor when an industry chooses to invest in our community,” Fuller said. “We are glad to assist Niagara Bottling in their continued success.”

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