By Brandon Moseley

Congressman Gary Palmer (R-AL06) and a number of his colleagues have sent a letter to Congressional Budget Office Director, Phillip Swagel, requesting a true cost analysis of the Democrats’ Build Back Better legislation.

“The nation will have to build back from the brink of bankruptcy, should this legislation ever become law,” Palmer said. “Although the Democrats are pretending to scale back on a number of the unwarranted programs in it, we have no idea what the true price tag is for these policies that would fundamentally undermine our Republic and move us one step closer to socialism.”

“I have seen more than one or two budget gimmicks during my time in Congress, and this package is full of them,” Palmer continued. “For instance, the legislation partially funds programs and pretends they will come to an end, even though the clear intention is to make them permanent. This is why we have requested that the CBO Director conduct a true analysis, so that Congress and the American people have a real understanding of just how much this monstrosity will cost. Independent groups have consistently said this bill is not paid for and will increase the deficit. This analysis will expose all of the bill’s budget gimmicks and hopefully end this misleading effort to run our country over the fiscal cliff.”

To read Congressman Palmer’s letter to Director Swagel, click here.

“You know a Democrat bill is bad when even the New York Timesis critical of it,” said Congressman Robert Aderholt (R-AL04). “And they are critical of Biden's Build Back Broke spending spree. Here are the highlights from their story: ‘Dems' Bill Could Cost $4 Trillion, Adds to Deficit, Handouts to Rich.’ This is why they are having such a hard time finding enough people to vote for it. And this is just in the House.”

Aderholt was referencing an article in which Alan Rappeport of the New York Times wrote: “President Biden’s new framework for tackling climate change, bolstering child care and a wide range of other economic programs assumes that the package will be fully paid for with an estimated $2 trillion in tax increases on corporations and high earners…But budget experts, along with some moderate Democrats, say the true cost of the legislation will be closer to $4 trillion because of the way the programs are structured and accounted for in the budgetary process. For instance, many of the provisions in Mr. Biden’s framework would expire, or 'sunset' after only a few years, even though Democrats anticipate that they would eventually be extended.”

These are large bills with many provisions, some of which are just being discovered.

Congressman Barry Moore (R-Enterprise) said, “Another "hidden gem" in Democrats' socialist spending scam: Tax credits for journalists. President Biden and Democrats want to pay the salaries of the reporters who cover for them - instead of covering the news. This is a waste of your tax dollars and amounts to a federal subsidy for fake news.”

“In the middle of the night, I voted NO against President Biden and Speaker Pelosi’s $1.2 trillion “infrastructure” bill,” Moore said. “Only about 10% of this bill will go to roads and bridges, and the other 90% of the bill is hijacked by the Democrats' radical progressive wish list. We need actual infrastructure.”

Congress has already passed and the president has signed an infrastructure bill and now Congress is considering an omnibus spending bill dealing with social spending that most Republicans also oppose.

Palmer is presently serving in his fourth term representing Alabama’s Sixth Congressional District.