There she is…Not Miss America.

The National American Miss (NAM) pageant company has gained national media attention for the first time in its 39-year history.

The company was highlighted after the Alabama pageant winner went viral for her weight instead of her win. Sarah Milliken, 23, of Atmore, received negative comments about her size.

While many media outlets called her “Miss Alabama” and misrepresented the pageant she won, 1819 News learned Milliken would not be competing in the Miss America or Miss USA pageant after her win because the National American Miss Alabama pageant is not a preliminary to either. In fact, Miss America owns the rights to the “Miss Alabama” title.

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According to its website, the NAM company is a different kind of pageant, and outward beauty is not the main focus of the panels that decide winners. In fact, there is a no makeup policy for elementary-aged contestants.

The fee to apply to be in the pageant is only $20. All payments are “non-refundable without exception,” according to NAM’s website.

Once accepted, which most are as long as they meet residence and age (4-24) requirements, they must pay $650 to enter the competition at the state level.

Additional fees apply to separate contests, including Photogenic, Top Model, Runway, Talent, Casual Wear, Spokesmodel, Fun Fitness, Dream Model, Actress, Young Author and Red Carpet Correspondent. Those fees range from $50 to $150.

If contestants want a feature page in the pageant’s yearbook, that’s another $300.

Contestants may also pay $25 for an extra practice in formal wear on the first day of the three-day pageant.

A production outfit is also required that contestants must purchase when they check in at the pageant.

Based in Houston, Texas, NAM has a two out of five review rating on the Better Business Bureau’s website. Three out of the four reviews on the BBB website rated the company with one star.

“A Scam!” Amanda R. wrote. “The only girls that win are those that spend tons more on the ‘optional’  competitions. They tell you that you can win by completing the 3 requirements, but that’s false.”

Another woman said her daughter had been flooded with scams, and another said she had high hopes for the pageant system until she paid for a pageant that was canceled and never got her money back.

The BBB reports that the National American Miss has been in business for 30 years and is not BBB-accredited.

“iam The Pageant Powerhouse,” out of Tennessee, represents NAM and Inspired Life Productions, Inc., out of Georgia, offers production services.

Some parents say their children have grown confidence and social skills at the pageants. The National American Miss pageant awards winners with scholarships, self-care products and other prizes.

One Alabama contestant’s testimonial is on NAM’s website.

“I love everything about NAM!” said June McDuffie. “It is made up of the best directors and staff, has the best state and National pageants, awards amazing prized, and gives girls like me the experience of a lifetime. This system has helped me in so many ways.”

Preliminary pageants to the real Miss Alabama, which sends winners to Miss America or Miss Alabama USA, which sends winners to Miss USA, also offer those benefits without having to pay extra fees.

1819 News has reached out to NAM to allow the company to respond to the claims. A response has not been received.

However, NAM did issue a public statement saying Milliken won the title based on her “clear communication, poise on stage, and extensive community service.”

“Her message of body positivity and emphasis on never giving up on your goals is inspiring,” NAM stated.

The company said that not all pageants are the same and that NAM encourages women to live without limits.

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