The City of Anniston urged people to stay away from the Lenlock Walmart Sunday evening over a situation that required a large police presence.

It is unclear what led to multiple police officers responding to the location just after 6 p.m. but police said they believe it began with an altercation between two individuals. Several witnesses reported seeing men with guns inside the Walmart and that shots may have been fired, but no injuries have been reported.

Cathi Truelove told 1819 News she and her husband were in Walmart when she heard gunshots. She said she was sitting on a bench because she wasn’t feeling well, and her husband returned to grab something.

“I heard the sounds of gunshots and I think three men ran into the store,” Truelove told 1819 News. “I am not sure how many shots they fired or if it was in the entry of the store or right outside the door when they were shooting. It was loud.”

Truelove said thanks to a stranger, she was safe.

“Some man in plain clothes and a gun at his hip started screaming at me to get to safety,” she recalled of the tense moments. “I was ushered to a door I think by customer service.”

Her husband was still in the store and using a power scooter due to an ankle injury. Truelove said she was frantically searching for him during the incident.

“I was calling my family in hysterics,” she added. “After about five minutes I saw my husband come out. I cried even more.”

Officers were asking people to stay away until they could give an all-clear.

Jacksonville Police and Weaver Police responded to assist Anniston.

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